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Unveiling the Fitness Secrets of Trishelle Cannatella

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Trishelle Cannatella is a reality TV icon. She first came into prominence in 2002, on MTV's The Real World, appearing as a cast member on the first Las Vegas season. Cannatella then crossed over to the Real World spinoff, The Challenge, doing two seasons. She then took a break to start her modeling and poker career. Canatella returned to The Challenge in 2012, doing two more seasons, and appeared on the first season show's spinoff The Challenge: All Stars. She recently won the second season of The Traitors. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Trishelle Cannatella stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Rides Snowmobiles

Cannatella loves to ride snowmobiles. She shared these photos and a video on Instagram of herself and her husband on a trip to Whistler. In them, Cannatella is seen riding a snowmobile. She captioned the post, "I'm officially addicted to snowmobiling. This year @tagwhistler took out just John and I on ungroomed, harder, steeper trails and it was awesome. At one point we had to go super slow and one at a time so we didn't set off an avalanche. Looking forward to going on even more adventurous trails next year!"


She Has A Dog

Cannatella is a dog owner, and she prominently features her pooch on Instagram. She shared these photos and videos of herself, her husband, and dog at a pumpkin patch. Cannatella captioned the post, "It's fall, y'all! 🍂🍁🎃 That means puppaccinos from @starbucks and our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with @saintdoggiedog …He picked out 2 big carving pumpkins and 1 small one for a pumpkin pie. Special thank you to my best friend and sister @kristinbentley for this lovely vintage hat she found for me in Vero. Love it and love you."


She Horseback Rides

Cannatella likes to go horseback riding. While on a trip to Jamaica, she went riding on the beach. Cannatella shared these photos of herself riding on Instagram. She captioned them, "Not done with cruise photos yet y'all 😂 A little horseback riding in the water (bucket list item for me!) and bamboo boat ride on the White River in Jamaica."


She Kayaks

Cannatella spends a lot of time by the water. One thing she likes to do is go kayaking. She shared these photos and videos of herself and a friend kayaking on the Crystal River on Instagram. Cannatella captioned the post, "Kayaking with manatees and swimming in Crystal River Springs outside of Orlando. The water was pretty cold, but YOLO."


She Swims

As you can see from the previous Instagram post, Cannatella also likes to swim to stay in shape. AXA Health states that swimming has a lot of health benefits. "Swimming is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Crucially, because water helps to support your bodyweight, it's suitable for people living with pain, disability, injury, or illnesses that make it difficult for them to get active in other ways."

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