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Unveiling the Workout Secrets That Keep Jodie Comer in Star Shape

Jodie Comer is a highly successful actress from Liverpool, known for her great depths and good looks.

Jodie Comer is a highly successful actress from Liverpool, known for her great depths and good looks. She first made waves when she appeared in the miniseries, Thirteen. Comer's most well-known role was as Villanelle in the popular series, Killing Eve. She earned an Emmy Award for this role. Comer has also appeared on the stage, starring in the West End and Broadway adaptations of Prima Facie. She won both a Tony and Laurence Olivier Award for the role. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Jodie Comer stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin


Comer makes sure to take care of her skin. She shared her morning skincare routine with Vogue. "I cleanse first and foremost. Then, given the weather [is cold and grey] at the minute, I've been really enjoying using serum a bit more. Noble Panacea recently brought out its Vitamin C Booster, and I like mixing it with the Prime Radiance Serum to give my skin a little extra moisture in the mornings. If I have time, I love to depuff. I'll use some kind of cryo ball which I keep in the fridge or freezer to take any puffiness down – I probably only do it like once every few weeks though."


She Moisturizes Her Under Eye Area


Comer shared that she is working on keeping her under-eye area moisturized to Vogue. "I went for a facial recently and I was told my under-eye area is extremely dry. I've been trying to be a bit better about using eye cream. I always feel like in the winter it's easier to indulge in all the skincare steps. In summer you're focusing on SPF and light make-up, and you feel like you need less, so I always enjoy this time of year, having all of these little skincare rituals."


She Gets Facials Done


Comer loves to get facials, and he tells Vogue that she goes to specific people to get them done. "I think if you are able to treat yourself to a facial every now and then, going to a place or a person who is really going to take the time to give you a bespoke treatment that's tailored to what your skin needs [really helps]. The last thing that skin is is one-size-fits-all. I love to lie down, have someone stroke my face and fall asleep, but if you want to get your skin clear, do your homework and go to someone who knows what they're doing."


She Does Yoga


Comer tells Vogue that she practices yoga to stay in shape. "As with anything in life, the things that make us feel better we tend to push to one side… I'm really loving my yoga at the moment, and I know if I get up early and do it before my day starts, the day is completely transformed. But it's also the first thing that I will talk myself out of. But I do love yoga – there's something about the mind-body connection that I really, really enjoy."


She Meditates


Comer tells Vogue that she likes to practice meditation. "I think breathwork is really powerful as well. There are so many amazing apps now. For instance, Insight Timer, which has meditations and guided sessions that, if you've got 10 minutes, you can do anywhere. Between the matinée and the evening show when we were in the Harold Pinter theatre, I'd do a little 20 minutes, which always seemed to help."


She Does Pilates/slidetitle]

Comer shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Net-A-Porter. She says that she does Pilates to keep herself in shape.  "I've realised I have to really look after myself for my mental health," Comer explained. "So I enjoy Pilates as exercise."

[slidetitle num="7"]She's Vocal About Boundaries


Comer revealed to Net-A-Porter that she knows what she's comfortable with and isn't afraid to speak out about it. "I think I've noticed it in myself and finding my own boundaries and what I'm comfortable with and not comfortable with, and the ability to be vocal about it," she said. "I wish I would have found that earlier, but you have to go through your own experiences in life, so that's how I feel the change. But I haven't had any awful experiences to speak [of]; I've been extremely lucky."

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