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Vaani Kapoor In Workout Gear Shares Strength Training Session

“It does matter.”

Indian actress Vaani Kapoor is showing fans exactly what one of her more intense workouts consists of. Kapoor, 35, shared videos of herself wearing black shorts and a matching sports bra, doing strength and resistance training exercises at the gym. "In the end.. it does Matter 😶‍🌫️," she captioned the post. "Love this so much," commented friend Mini Mathur. Here's what Kapoor's health, wellness, and fitness regimen looks like.


Everything In Moderation

Kapoor cuts down on carbs when she's preparing for a big event, but otherwise enjoys a balanced diet. "If you spend hours in the gym and then come home and devour a pizza, your efforts will come to naught," she told Brides Today. "Diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to getting fit. Cut down on the extra carbs—your body will thank you for being so diligent. Eat in moderation, but remember, starving yourself is a strict no-no. And don't forget to allow yourself the occasional cheat day—everyone needs a bit of indulgence now and then."


Practicing Gratitude


Kapoor lives a very spiritual life. "I am more spiritually inclined. It gives me well-needed sanity," she told Indian Express. "Of course, your success is loud, but your failures somehow become even louder! But at the end of the day, you are all you have with the right attitude and conviction and gratitude. Just keep believing in yourself and your dreams."


Style Statements

Kapoor isn't afraid to experiment with her style. "My style statement is about grace and comfort," she told Indian Express. "I love shopping for clothes and shoes. I care for my skin and hair and spare time for taking care of them. I also love experimenting with my looks. In my opinion, every hairstyle is an experience."


Holistic Health

Kapoor believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness. "Everyone has a different metabolism and body type," she told Brides Today. "First, understand your body and what it needs, and then identify the right trainer. Devise a schedule that is holistic and looks at your overall development—don't overdo the weight training; balance it out with cardio and flexibility exercises."


Mixing It Up

Kapoor likes to mix up her workouts. "If you get bored really fast with workouts, like I do, mix it up," she told Brides Today. "Walk on the treadmill for around 45 minutes, and follow that up with 20 minutes of weights or Pilates. Consider a different plan the next day. Wear a funky outfit, create a workout playlist. If you want to, go easy on yourself, but try not to miss your workout and break the rhythm."

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