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Valentina Lequeux in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Full-Body HIIT"

"This routine will help with your nutrition choices this coming weekend."

Valentina Lequeux is a very successful fitness model. She shares a lot of her workout videos on Instagram. In May, she shared a full-body high-intensity interval training workout on her page. She is seen doing things like lunge jumps, plank twists, and push-ups. Lequeux captioned the post, "FULL BODY HIIT πŸ’¦ This routine will help with your nutrition choices this coming weekend. Go ahead and have that drink, just train hard."


She Like To Workout Outside

Lequeux likes to workout outside. She captioned her Instagram post, "It's getting warmer outside, so there's little to no excuses to take your fitness outdoors especially with this minimal equipment routine." UC Davis states that going outside has a lot of benefits. "Being outdoors can also have relaxing effects on our minds. Nature can provide a mental break by allowing us to temporarily escape the demands of everyday life. It can also boost your creativity and problem-solving abilities. For example, if you're having a mental block writing a paper or can't seem to solve a problem at work, step outside for a breath of fresh air. Take an easy walk around your neighborhood or office, and you just might find the answers you were looking for."


She Weight Trains

As you can see in her Instagram post, Lequeux likes to weight train. She wrote in the caption, "All you need is a kettlebell, I'm using the 18 lb @bellsofsteel kettlebell."


She Works Her Core

Lequeux shared her core workouts in this Instagram video. "15 minute CORE AMRAP πŸ”₯ Set a timer with 15 minutes & perform as many series of these moves as you can (see below for rep count). Rest as little as possible at the end of each round. Make every rep count!⁣ 1. Ball slams x15 each side. 2. Weighted sit up w/med ball toss x20 reps⁣. 3. High plank w/kettlebell pass x15 each hand⁣. 4. Weighted floor rock into pistol squat x10 each leg."


She Works Her Legs

Lequeux shared her lower body workouts in this Instagram video. "Full Leg Day πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ This was the only workout so did in Texas, we went to @lgndbarbell (not an ad) what a cool spot, check it if you live in Huston it's top notch for any of my bodybuilding or powerlifting peeps.⁣ I did a warm up that isn't shown in this vid, sorry I completely forgot to film it! But it's so good you have to do it before the working sets:⁣ X2 rounds of:⁣ 1.Kettlebell swings: x15⁣. 2.Leg extension: x12⁣. 3.Hamstring curl: x8⁣. 4.Back extension w/oh plate press & hold: x12⁣."



She Does HIIT

As you can see from her Instagram post, Lequeux likes to do HIIT. Circle Health Group states, "HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. During the high-intensity intervals, your heart rate and breathing rate increase substantially. Over time, this helps to improve your aerobic capacity, also known as VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during intense exercise. A higher VO2 max is associated with improved stamina and endurance."

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