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Victoria Silvstedt in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Monday Motivation"

She wore a gray workout bra.

Victoria Silvstedt is a successful model. She recently hit the gym, and shared some photos on Instagram. In them, Silvstedt sat on a mat and did some stretches. She wore a gray workout bra, black pants, and lavender sneakers. Silvstedt captioned one of the photos, "Monday motivation." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Victoria Silvstedt stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Eats A Balanced Diet

Silvstedt opened up about her health secrets in an interview with Arabian Moda. She says that when it comes to her diet, she believes in balance. "First of all I love to eat. I am not your green juices 24/7 kind of girl. I must have a desert everyday and especially chocolate. And what is a night like without a glass of wine? However, I try to avoid eating carbs and especially before a photo-shoot. I also try to limit my amount of red meat intake. I guess you can describe my diet as a Mediterranean, wholesome and vegetable-based diet."


She Takes Vitamins

Silvstedt tells Arabian Moda that she likes to take vitamins. "As for my physique, I try to take a lot of vitamins for my hair and skin." Penn Medicine states that vitamins have a lot of benefits. "Vitamins and minerals are essential to helping your body develop and function as it should. While most people get all of what's recommended by eating healthy, others need a little extra nutrient boost. That's where supplements come in — providing you with the support your body needs to stay healthy."


She Runs

Silvstedt tells Arabian Moda that she loves to run to stay in shape. "I prefer to go running outside rather than to workout at the gym." Better Health states that running has a lot of benefits. "Running is faster, uses more kilojoules and demands more effort from the heart, lungs and muscles than jogging. Running requires a higher level of overall fitness than jogging. Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means 'with oxygen' – the term 'aerobic exercise' means any physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat."


She Swims

Victoria Silvstedt/Instagram

Silvstedt spends a lot of time outside. One thing she likes to do is go swimming. Silvstedt shared this photo on Instagram of herself wading. She captioned the post, "I found a Secret grotto and crystal clear water." USA Swimming states that the sport has a lot of benefits. "Swimming can help you develop the endurance to do a long workout and also develop the speed for sprinting.  When you swim at low to moderate intensities, you are building up your aerobic capacity, or the ability to swim for long durations. When you train at moderate to high intensities, you are building up your anaerobic capacity, the ability to blast a 100m sprint in a meet."


She Skis

Victoria Silvstedt/Instagram

Silvstedt is a big fan of skiing. She shared these photos of herself skiing on the slopes of the French Alps. Silvstedt captioned the post, "Thankful for this amazing fun ski weekend in Courchevel under the sun." The University of Rochester states that skiing is a great workout. "Skiing and snowboarding are thrilling activities and great workouts. Both sports are excellent cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart. They are also weight-bearing exercises. So hey strengthen your bones as they tone your muscles."

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