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Victoria's Secret Model Frida Aasen In Black Leggings Does Full Body Workout

Here are her fitness tips.

Fashion model Frida Aasen knows how to get the most effective workout possible done in the least amount of time, making the most of her exercise regimen. Aasen, 29, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching sports bra, doing a full-body workout with trainer Kyle Hoffman at the Alo gym in New York. "Get it girl," a fan commented. Aasen shares her workouts on social media—here's what her fitness routine looks like.


Coffee First Thing

Aasen always starts the day with coffee, especially when she has a show. "Starting my day with the essential—morning coffee!" she told Vogue Scandinavia. "There's something about that first sip that gets the adrenaline pumping, readying me for the whirlwind fashion-filled day ahead. It's my little moment of peace before I dive into the hustle."


Resistance Band Workouts

Aasen loves doing resistance band workouts on a mat at home. Here is one of her mini-full-body workouts:

Donkey kicks 30 on each leg

50 Russian twists

20 side squats each side with 5kg weights

15 side planks each side

15 jump squats

50 Jump ropes

Repeat x2 and finish off with a good stretch 


Holistic Health

Aasen believes in a holistic approach to health and beauty. "Listen to your body," she told Fashion Week Daily. "It will show on the outside if you're not taking care of the inside! Beauty comes from within, and usually, if you have skin problems, there's a specific reason related to your lifestyle, like stress or diet. Also, always wear sunscreen!"


Cleaning For Stress Relief

Aasen says cleaning her house helps her to destress and calm down, something actually backed by science. "A lot of people do find cleaning to be very satisfying, but also to be very good way of managing stress or anxiety," clinical psychologist Dawn Potter, PsyD, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "So a lot of people when they are faced with other problems that maybe they can't address at the time, or they're just kind of overwhelmed, they find that cleaning helps them restore a sense of control. I think that the act of cleaning itself of course, is a physical act and so if, depending on how much cleaning we're doing, how vigorous we're getting, we actually may be getting a bit of a workout."


Pescatarian Diet

Aasen avoids all meat except for fish, preferring plant-based alternatives such as chickpeas. "Chickpeas are also an excellent source of non-animal protein," Patricia Bridget Lane, RDN, LDN, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "They're great for vegetarians and vegans."

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