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Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick In Workout Gear Does Boxing Exercises

Here are her health and beauty tips.

Vikings star Katheryn Winnick knows how to fight–the actress has black belts in both taekwondo and karate. She can also add boxing to that list! Winnick, 46, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a blue sports bra, pummeling a punching bag in a workout space. "My favorite Viking getting stronger! 💪⚔️❤️❤️," a fan commented. Winnick trains hard and lives a balanced, healthy lifestyle—here's how she stays shield maiden-strong.


Training Regimen

Winnick loves outdoor workouts whenever possible. "A combination of weight training, fighting, boxing, and enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, horseback riding and kayaking," she told Vogue. "I feel exercise is incredibly important for both the mind and body. It is important for me to stay consistent with my exercise, especially with such long hours and multiple locations."


Water and Face Oil

Winnick swears by water and oils to take care of her skin. "I drink a lot of water at room temperature and I pretty much chug it at once versus sipping. It's important to stay hydrated all the time," she told New Beauty. "Right now, I'm shooting in Albuquerque, so it's important to also have hydrating oils for my skin. Instead of lotions, I find that oils absorb better. I'm also religious about cleaning my face two to three times a day. Before bed, I make sure to take off all makeup and sunscreen from the day. And of course, sunscreen is huge for me. In the morning, even when I'm driving, I put sunscreen on my face. It's really important to make that part of your daily routine."


Five Meals a Day

Winnick loves juicing and drinking tea. "I believe in drinking hot water and lemon every day, as well as mint tea," she told Vogue. "I eat a strictly gluten free diet. I believe it's helped me increase my energy, as well as keeping me fit. I try and stick to a base of vegetables and proteins while also trying to eat more often, about five small meals a day. It is important to sustain energy throughout the day. I also love juicing."  


Bathing Before Bed

Winnick always takes a bath at the end of the day. "I take a bath every night no matter what time I get home," she told New Beauty. "It also teaches my body that it's time for bed. The hot water ensures I don't take a long bath and it's a great way to steam and help take off my makeup, even if it's just for five to 10 minutes."


Martial Arts Background

Winnick has a background in martial arts, and says that's what she would be doing if acting didn't work out. "At the age of 16, I started my first business running a martial arts school called WinKai Martial Arts," she told Vogue. I had three schools in Toronto by the time I was 21. I fell in love with teaching self-defense to families and young women. Since I love business, if I weren't an actor, I'd get more involved with being an entrepreneur and building things in a positive way."


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