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Vogue Williams In Black Leggings and Sports Bra Shares Leg Workout

“We all have areas that we want to concentrate that little bit more on."

Irish model Vogue Williams is opening up about certain body insecurities she has always dealt with. Williams, 38, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a sports bra, talking through a lower-body resistance band workout. "We all have areas that we want to concentrate that little bit more on. I feel like my younger self drilled it into my head that my legs were awful and this has carried through my adult life. My own opinion mixed with other people's uninvited comments about my body have definitely made me feel more self conscious. I never thought  I would be able to focus on one area of the body but this sequence that @johnbelton created for me has meant I feel way more comfortable with my legs," she captioned the post. Here's what Williams' health, wellness, and fitness regimen looks like.


Healthy Diet For the Week

Williams balanced healthy eating with a bit more leeway on the weekends. "I try to eat clean all week and always have a cheat day on weekends so I don't crave sweet things and pizza in between," she told the Irish Independent. "A typical day would start off with egg and avocado on two slices of toast and a giant mug of tea. For lunch I would have soup or a sandwich but lunch is usually on the go so I could have anything really. I have a protein shake after the gym, which I make with vanilla protein, a banana, almond milk, ice and a spoonful of peanut butter."


Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil


Williams takes supplements every day as part of her wellness regimen. "I take vitamin C and cod liver oil every morning," she told Rude Health. "I also take two tablets of blackcurrant extract CurraNZ an hour before I train—they give me great energy and really help with recovery. It is such a superfood. What's amazing is that one capsule has the same nutritional value as 85 blackcurrants!"


Protein Balls


Williams makes her own protein balls for a healthy snack on the go. "I love to wander round health stores and you can get great deals on the nuts and seeds I use to make protein balls," she told Rude Health. "I buy kilo tubs of almond butter, which I get through really quickly. I buy desiccated coconut to stir into porridge – it's hard to get in other shops. I really like the natural lip balms, creams and nice things for your hair which are all sold in health stores."


Weights and Walking

Williams starts her day by walking her dog. "Most weeks, I train five or six times. I'll always fit it in, even if it means getting up crazy early," she told the Irish Independent. "I do lots of free weights and high-intensity workouts. I do a lot of classes that incorporate the same types of training. You will never see me on the bike or treadmill for long periods of time; I just use them for one-minute sprints between sets. When I'm in Dublin I get a lot of personal training sessions or I'll go out for lots of long walks with my dog and catch up with friends at the same time."


Weight Training

Williams works out to support both her physical and mental health. "I like to do at least one weight training workout a week and I love spinning," she told The Telegraph. "I can get quite bad anxiety, and if I don't train it builds up over a number of days – I like to keep it in check. It's good for your body, but it's also good for your mind."

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