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Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Shares Swimsuit Photo From NYC

She’s bringing the heatwave!

If you don't know Yanet Garcia by name you're sure to recognize her by her looks and physique—known as "Mexican Weather Girl", Garcia is infamous for her enviable curves. Garcia, 32, is on a trip to New York City, and of course she shared a swimsuit snap from her getaway. The model posted a picture of herself posing in a hot tub in a black bikini, the city skyline visible in the window behind her. "Hi NYC," she captioned the post. How does Garcia maintain that body? Here are 5 ways she takes care of her health.


Diet Is the Main Thing

Garcia believes you can't out-exercise a bad diet. "Diet is 70% of the goal," she says. "It depends on each one's metabolism and objectives, that's why it is important to see a health professional, I recommend that you include in your diet proteins, carbs and vegetables. Our skin and hair reflect how we feed ourselves, that's why it is important to have a good diet and good hydration. We get beautiful skin if we do not expose it too much to sunlight and if we use a good sunblock."


Yoga and Boxing

Garcia prioritizes working out whenever she can—and she particularly focuses on those famous glutes. "I always try to exercise in my free time," she says. "I love going to the gym every day and I also practice yoga and do boxing. [My favorite exercise is] definitely squats because I work my favorite part of my body."


Beauty Starts From Within


Garcia's fitness advice is to eat well, be active, and stay hydrated. "My diets are always different to not get bored, I always try to be rich in protein, some good carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and the golden rule, drink plenty of water," she says. "The best beauty secret begins from the inside. When you are good about yourself, it is always reflected to the outside. Always motivate yourself and try to get better every day, go to the gym, live a healthy lifestyle and don't forget to rest."


No Miserable Dieting

Garcia doesn't believe in restrictive diets. "There are many people who think that you have to starve yourself to look good," she says. "The important thing here is to include proteins, which can be chicken, fish, tuna, egg whites, vegetables and carbohydrates or good fats, such as avocado, which help you build muscle mass, if that's your case. All day I eat protein, like 5 or 6 times a day. I get home and eat salmon or chicken with sweet potato, for the buttocks, and vegetables, I really like broccoli."


Weekend Fun

Garcia works hard during the week and allows indulgences on the weekends. "It's about leading a life from Monday to Friday, trying to keep it as clean as possible, drinking a lot of water," she says. "But if I go to the movies on the weekend for some popcorn, a hot dog and some nachos, nothing happens, you have to have a balance but I don't do it every day. I know that the next day again, try to eat as little sugar as possible."

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