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Wellness Influencer Maddie Lymburner In Workout Gear "Would Rather Dance"

She’s known for her pop music workouts.

Canadian wellness influencer Maddie Lymburner would much rather dance than do traditional cardio—and she's inviting her 2.1 million Instagram followers to join in. Lymburner, 28, shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a matching sports bra, doing a dance workout on a mat in her living room. "Hands up if you'd rather dance in your living room than do a traditional cardio workout 🙋🏼‍♀️💃," she captioned the post. Here's how the trainer stays fit, focused, and unique in the wellness space.


HIIT Workouts

Lymburner frequently posts workouts on her social media, like this full-body HIIT workout. when you're short on time and need something that packs a punch… you have to try this 🔥😮‍💨 New short & spicy full body HIIT is now live on @themadfitapp 📱12 mins of full body cardio (20 minutes including warm up & cool down) 👏🏼," she captioned the post. 


Food For Fuel

Lymburner now eats to fuel her body and her training instead of being restrictive and miserable. "I let go of the 'strictness' that surrounded my diet and started focusing on healthy, well balanced meals. I started developing a training routine that I ENJOYED, that I could do AT HOME, and yet was still balanced enough to bring the results I desired," she captioned an Instagram post


At-Home Workouts

Lymburner's online workouts were hugely useful during the pandemic lockdowns. "When the pandemic hit, I had about 1.3 million subscribers on MadFit. Suddenly, gyms were closing, people were working out at home and my business was exploding," she told Toronto Life. "Many people have limited equipment at home, so I've started posting more bodyweight-only workouts or workouts using light weights that people can swap out for items like canned food, water bottles or shampoo bottles. I've also started posting more upbeat dance workouts, like a '90s dance workout."


Five Minute Arms

Lymburner is a big fan of short, sweet, yet effective workouts that can be done anywhere. "Got 5 mins to spare at your desk today? Do this seated arm workout with me! 💪🏼 You could do this on your lunch break, or maybe even during a meeting if your camera is off 🤫 You can do this with light weights, water bottles, or no weight at all!" she captioned an Instagram post.


Justin Bieber Workouts

Lymburner put her name on the fitness map by creating workouts designed for specific hit songs. "One day in May 2019, I had an epiphany while working out in my living room: I decided to create workouts to specific songs," she told Toronto Life. "Ten minutes later, the routine was done. I turned on my lights, turned on the camera and filmed my first song workout to "I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. I don't get paid for those videos—YouTube automatically detects the copyrighted music when I upload and flags it, then the artist or music label is notified and they get the ad revenue. But these videos give me a lot more exposure and more eyes on my channel."