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When Calls the Heart Star Eva Bourne Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Beach

Here are her lifestyle tips.

When Calls the Heart star Eva Bourne spent a day at the beach, soaking up the sun in a location far from the hit show's Canadian wilderness. Bourne shared a gorgeous picture of herself posing in the sand in a purple bikini, looking serene in the sunshine. "A beautiful, sunny day at the beach 🏖😊," she captioned the post. Here's how this Hallmark star takes care of her personal and professional life.


Lifelong Ambitions

Bourne wanted to act since she was very young. "Now when I think back about it, I think I always wanted to be in entertainment, but I didn't think it was feasible," she says. "I never thought that was something that people did or decided to do. I remember growing up my dad would always play soundtracks to musicals and I would always sing along with them. I never thought about it until I was much older and I started a career which was good and I am sure would be great for some people, but for me I needed an artistic outlet and I just wasn't getting that."


Creative Outlets


Bourne is writing a screenplay with her sister, which she believes will benefit her as an actress. "I really think that it's important to be creative in all aspects," she says. "I wouldn't want to just act because I feel like it wouldn't enable me to grow in different directions. As an actor, you want to have as many experiences as possible because you can bring that into your acting as well."


Her Perfect Day

Bourne's ideal day is relaxing and doing hot yoga. "I don't know about perfect, but I'd finally go down my 'To Do List' and start to check a few things off," she says. "Work out, or sweat it out in hot yoga, call my parents, hang out with friends, read a new play, listen to the greatest hits from The Beatles, watch Whiplash, Boyhood, Birdman, and Gone Girl."


Her Favorite Foods


Bourne enjoys very specific snacks from the craft table on set. "An Earl Grey tea with cream and a peanut butter-filled pretzel bite," she says. "Or watermelon, but we mostly try to leave that for Erin [Krakow]! [My go-to dish to cook is] brown rice spaghetti with salmon. Lots of Parmesan, lots of pepper and a pile of arugula on top."


Feel-Good TV

Bourne appreciates why people want to watch feel-good TV these days. "I enjoy dark and gritty television like a lot of people do, but at the same time, I think the show is doing so well because people want to be able to watch shows with their family," she says. "The show isn't trying to shove religion down your throat in any way, but it does have a very large Christian following. It's a very wholesome, good show and it makes you feel the love for those characters. I think the writers have done a fantastic job writing these great stories, characters and lives for them to live and I think the audience really relates to that."

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