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Whitney Johns in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares 20-Minute Workout

Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 

Whitney Johns is sharing a new workout video – in her exercise clothes. In a new social media post the fitness trainer and influencer flaunts her flat abs in a two-piece set while revealing "a super efficient 20-minute full body workout that fits perfectly into even the busiest schedules!" In the clip she does a variety of exercises, in a "dumbbell-only circuit ideal for at-home workouts or for those who prefer to find a quiet corner at the gym. It's designed to give you a fantastic workout without needing hours at the gym," she says. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


No Diets

Whitney refuses to diet. "I get a lot of people who want to build their glutes, but they also want to be on a diet," she told Muscle and Fitness. "You can't really build that muscle on a calorie deficit." Instead, she fuels her body to build muscle. "As long as you are doing a clean-calorie surplus, you have to remember you are 'doing it for the glutes!"


Macro Tracking

Whitney Johns/Instagram

"I really encourage my clients to track their macros," Whitney told Muscle and Fitness. "Even if that's just a couple of times per week because meal serving sizes are so deceiving. I hate tracking macros too, but if you can make yourself do it, you will find out if your protein intake is on point, or if your calorific intake is on track, and then you will know you are getting somewhere."


80/20 Rule

Whitney abides by the 80/20 rule with veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats with the occasional cheat meal. "If you can do just one cheat meal instead of a cheat day or week, you will fulfill those cravings without derailing your whole diet," she told Dumb Blonde. Her style of eating is Paleo, she says. 


No Dairy, Higher Fat, Lower Carb Eating


Whitney keeps dairy to a minimum. "When it comes to my diet that works best for my body: I try to stay dairy free, higher fat and lower carbs… but sometimes that Ice Cream craving is just the most," she said via Greatestphysiques.


Fitness to Improve Your Internal Health

"My love of fitness started when I was 16 years old. I grew up suffering from severe migraines, chronic pain, mental health, and gut health issues. I got fed up feeling poorly all the time, so I took matters into my own hands and started searching for solutions," Whitney revealed Fitness Gurls. "I spent years researching and self-testing. It became clear that to heal my body, I had to make nutrition and lifestyle choices that were going to improve my internal health, not just my outer physique."

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