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Whitney Way Thore Shows Off 100 Pound Weight Loss in New Video

Here is everything we know about her weight loss. 

Whitney Way Thore has lost 100 pounds – and she is showing off her slimmed down figure. In a new video the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star reveals that she is down to 285 pounds, modeling a cute outfit and celebrating her father's birthday. She also addressed claims that her weight loss is the result of medical surgery. Here is what she had to say – and everything else we know about the reality star's weight loss. 


She Did "Not Have Medical Intervention to Lose Weight"

"I hate addressing this, but no, I have not had medical intervention to lose weight," Whitney wrote in her post. "In 2015 (season 1), I weighed 385 pounds. In 2018, I lost 50 pounds. When my mom got sick and eventually died, I lost 50 more. I weigh 285 pounds and I have been this weight for almost a year now. This is the second time in my life I've lost 100 pounds. I'm still very fat. Thank you for the compliments, but I really don't like obsessing over my body and I don't like it when others do it either."


In September, She Also Addressed Weight Loss Surgery Claims

"I think it's obvious that I have lost some weight and that is true," she said in a September 2023 interview with ET. "And people say, like, 'Is it surgery?' and I'm like, 'No, it's grief, but thanks,'" she said, mentioning the death of her mother. "I see a lot of chatter online and people have asked me, 'Have you had weight loss surgery?' or something like that. No I haven't," Whitney continued. "On the show, I'll talk about my weight more, but in my personal life, I don't really find it necessary to talk about how much I weigh. It's just not something that I care to focus on and talk about."


She Doesn't Want to Be Your Weight Loss Inspiration


"I'm just not out here to be anybody's weight loss inspiration," Whitney shared in another post, according to PEOPLE. "If you're inclined to be inspired by me I appreciate that, I see you, but I'm just a complex human being focusing on a lot of other things in life besides losing weight. So it's just not something I will ever feel comfortable saying thank you for."


She Has a Fitness App

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Whitney is a big proponent of exercise. She founded No BS Active, a size inclusive fitness app designed for people of all sizes that "makes workouts work for you by providing multiple modifications with clear instructions for all levels," per the app's description.


She Does Water Workouts

Whitney also gets her sweat on in the pool. In a video shared in January 2023, Whitney works out in the pool with her pops. Exercising in water is great for your joints, as it is low impact. 


She Understands That "Thinness Does Not Equal Happiness"

"Most of my adult life consisted of dramatic weight gain, a PCOS diagnosis, self-loathing & a non-stop desire to lose weight and be this girl again — until I realized how insane this was," Whitney wrote on Instagram in 2018, per Life & Style. "I know, because I've lived it, that thinness does not equal happiness and it does not equal physical or mental health."


She Loves Herself

"The woman I am now can dance with reckless abandon. She can frolic in a bikini. She can demand love and respect that is not contingent on her dress size. The woman I am now can LIVE, knowing that I am completely deserving of every single wonderful thing this world has to offer," she continued in the same post. 

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