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Witney Carson In Workout Gear Says "You're Stronger Than You Think"

“My 9 month pp journey for the second time..."

Professional dancer Witney Carson welcomed baby number 2 in May 2023, and her postpartum fitness journey has been anything but easy. Carson, 30, shared a video of herself wearing a variety of different workout outfits, detailing her journey back to strength. "My 9 month pp journey for the second time, and what a JOURNEY it was! I feel you mamas, it's freaking hard! You're stronger than you think! Does it get harder with every baby because wow?! 😅" she captioned the post. Here's how Carson takes care of her health and wellness both inside and out.


Morning Workouts

Carson works out first thing in the morning before the workday starts—her favorites are Barry's Bootcamp, Rise Nation, F45, Cycle House, and Carrie's Pilates. "I love anything that gets my heart rate up with good music and leaves me dead after!" she told L'Oreal Paris. "I love Pilates especially for stretching and lengthening. When I'm on the season, a typical day would start with a morning workout and, depending on the day of the week, choreographing. From there, I go to rehearsals for five to six hours, make dinner, and spend time with the hubs. I also answer emails and plan my weekly blogs and Instagram posts."


Healthy Treats


Carson loves healthy treats to satisfy her sweet tooth, like her peanut butter apples. "Peanut butter apples are a perfect sweet treat," she says. "They are so quick and easy to make and help keep things on the healthier side. Simply cut an apple in half and spread peanut butter on both sides. You can leave it as simple as this, or for a little extra savoriness, I like to drizzle caramel or chocolate on top. You can also add crumbled pretzels or mashed up Reese's pieces if you are looking for a little extra indulgence."


Skin Protection

Carson was diagnosed with melanoma when she was 19, so skincare protection is a non-negotiable. "For my face and neck, EltaMD has an amazing UV Restore Tinted SPF 40," she told New Beauty. "I love this one specifically because as a working mom, I can't fuss with a ton of skin-care products, and this one kind of serves as a moisturizer and a sunscreen, and it has a slight tint so it gives my skin that healthy glow."


Surfing and Hiking

Carson loves being active even on the weekends. "Usually on weekends I try to relax from the week," she told L'Oreal Paris. "I spend time with family and friends and usually look for amazing restaurants to eat out. My husband and I love food and movies. We're constantly looking for new and upcoming restaurants to try," she shares. "In the summer, we'll usually be out on the lake, surfing, hiking—honestly anything outside."


Postpartum Confidence

Carson learned to be kinder to herself after welcoming her first baby Leo in January 2021. "'Listen, this is your body making a baby, birthing a baby, this is beautiful, this is amazing and you're still amazing, no matter what your size is," she told Hollywood Life. "Whether you're your fittest or your skinniest to your biggest and everything in between. You're still beautiful.' I felt like I had to do a lot of soul searching and a lot of leaning on my husband and my family to kind of encourage me to get back to that good mental state where I was accepting every stage of my body."

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