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WNBA Star Breanna Stewart in Workout Gear Says "Love and Happiness"

Here’s what her fitness and training looks like.

WNBA star Breanna Stewart went into 2024 with good intentions and lots of gratitude. Stewart, 29, shared a picture of herself wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts, beaming with happiness as she posed on the court. "How I'm entering 2024… with love, happiness & my people," she captioned the post. "Happy New Year Stewie! 2024 is going to be even more amazing, if that's possible 😜," commented Rennae Stubbs. Here's what Stewart's diet, training, and recovery regimen looks like, and the home-cooked meal her fellow athletes go crazy for.


Basketball Training

Stewart says basketball is the best workout. "I don't really know any other speed than basketball. I've just been playing it forever," she told Red Bull. "It's a stop-and-go game. You can be running up and down for a while, then stop, then you have to go again. We don't do much conditioning work during the season, because we're playing almost three games each week. But during the preseason we do some sprints on the court, and riding the Airdyne bike, which really sucks—whether you're in shape or not, you're dying on that thing. And a lot of different cardio machines and kinds of cardio exercises. And just playing—nothing compares to it."


Weight Training and Pilates

Stewart uses weights to build strength and muscle. "I need to make sure that my body is ready and that means getting in the weight room," she told Red Bull. "I just work everything—upper and lower body. I also do Pilates to make sure that my core is strong. When I'm on the court, I'm using everything, so I want to make sure that my whole body is ready to go. I usually spend an hour in the gym, then we spend about two hours on the court for practice. I do drills—like I'll work on my post game. It helps to have someone to work with you to make sure you're getting pushed. After practice, I do an hour of shooting drills. I like to have a schedule and keep things consistent."


Spicy Rigatoni For the Team


Stewart's mother makes incredible rigatoni noodles for her teammates. "My mom makes these chicken riggies that are off the chart," she told Sports Illustrated. "She usually makes it when I have a team over or my family gets together because it's a bigger dish. It's rigatoni noodles with chicken and a tomato sauce. She can add red pepper flakes to make it spicier. She puts diced tomatoes in it, and she can add peppers and all types of things. I made it for my team when I was at UConn because they'd had it before—my mom would bring me leftovers that she'd frozen, and the team came to my house one time and she made it. I don't want to say it was as good as my mom's, but they all approved."


Pre-Game Meal

Stewart loves asparagus, which is low in calories yet packed with nutrients. "[I had a] pre-game meal of penne with meat sauce, brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes, and of course, asparagus," she told USA Today. "I could eat asparagus pretty much every day and not get tired of it."


Steam Room and Cold Tub

Stewart knows how important recovery and rest days are for athletes. "My muscles get really tight, so I'll get them worked on before and after practice," she told Red Bull. "I like going in the steam room and the hot tub; that makes my body feel good on the day after games. And doing yoga and really all the recovery things—the foam rolling, muscle flossing, the list goes on and on. I'll go in the hot tub before practice and the cold tub after. The cold tub helps get the lactic acid and everything out of your legs. I try to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to keep my body feeling good. I want to stay ahead of letting my body break down, which allows injuries to happen."

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