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WNBA Star Erica Wheeler in Workout Gear Will "Knock You Out"

Here are her basketball tips.

WNBA star Erica Wheeler is showing off her spectacular boxing skills on social media (just add it to the list of things she excels at). Wheeler, 32, posted a video of herself wearing black Adidas workout gear and sparring with coach Vinnie Calautti, joking "I will knock you out" before conceding defeat over her "noodle arms". The Indiana Fever star has worked hard her whole life to play professional ball—here's what her game philosophy looks like.


Basketball Drills

Basketball shooting drills keep Wheeler sharp and ready for action. "You have to train your mind," she told Adidas. "And how do you train your mind? Consistently doing something the same way and doing it harder and harder and getting better and better. With time you become more talented because you become more consistent. I think with practice comes muscle memory. My body knows what it's going to do before I even tell it to do it, because I've been doing it so long."


Lifting Heavy Weights

Wheeler lifts heavy weights as part of her training—and she's thrilled with every step of progress she makes. "I've never lifted anything over 200 lb!" she captioned an Instagram video. "Last week I hit 250 lb, I was hype bout that! Then somebody said I couldn't hit 300 lb! NOTED! Today I got up to 315 lb 😳 I probably could've went to 325 but my trainer crazy, but he wasn't on demon time today 😂."


Family First

Erica Wheeler/Instagram

Wheeler had offers from colleges such as LSU, South Carolina, and UConn, but chose Rutgers University after meeting their head coach C. Vivian Stringer. "The conversation was super family-orientated because we just started talking about food, it wasn't even about basketball," Wheeler told WSLAM. "I think the one thing that stuck out to my mom was I never left home, so she felt more comfortable with me going to Rutgers because of how Vivian approached our family."


Popular Player

Wheeler's teammates at the Indiana Fever love her energy and work ethic. "She's been so great," says Fever head coach Stephanie White. "She's fun. She's a hard worker. She's a great teammate and she's really the perfect fit for our franchise because of her commitment to the defensive end, her toughness and her energy. That's exactly what we want; hungry players who want to be better for each other." 


Open Mind

Wheeler keeps an open mind when it comes to sports. "I don't close my mind to anything," she told Adidas. "When it comes to basketball, you can elevate your game in so many ways, whether it's dribbling, whether it's how to read the game, whether it's a simple drill to tighten up your handling… Always give a pat on the back, because at the end of the day nobody's a real loser if you're going hard. You got to take some losses, but if you're competing and you're doing it at the highest level you can, you're not losing. You're just getting better."

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