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WNBA Star Lisa Leslie In Swimsuit Says "Spa Days Are the Best"

"Somebody's gotta be the best, so why not me?" 

WNBA Star Lisa Leslie took a break from her jam-packed schedule to enjoy a spa day with friend Patricia Batista. The pair shared a video of their relaxing yet very fun day, including snaps of them both walking out of the surf in bright red swimsuits. "Spa Days are the best days! Sis, Tag a friend you need to book a spa day with asap!" Batista captioned the post. Leslie is passionate about living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle—here's how she does it.


Never Skip Breakfast


Leslie says the health of her family comes first. "Make breakfast a priority," she says. "Set your alarm 15 minutes early to give you time to fill your family with a healthy start to the day or prepare healthy options the night before that are easy to eat on the way to school. Replace sugary drinks with refreshing water and use juice and soda as a treat. By quenching their thirst with water and training them to think of juice and soda as an occasional treat as opposed to a dietary staple, you'll help your family stay well hydrated and cut down on hundreds of empty calories per day."


Stay Active

Leslie stays active as an athlete, but also as part of her overall lifestyle. "Have the whole family put down the electronics and commit to at least 30 minutes of movement per day," she says. "Get outside! Take a jog around the neighborhood, shoot some hoops, play hopscotch. Stuck inside? Just dance!"


Positive Affirmations

Leslie uses positive affirmations to prepare herself for anything. "Somebody's gotta be the best, so why not me?" she says. "Take three deep breaths. Let's find a positive affirmation that can help you every single day, something that you can really settle into that makes you smile. Because for me, positive energy is so contagious and I think starting our days off with some sort of mantra or quote that really is inspiring, can really help you get through the moment."


Healthy Home Cooked Meals

Leslie recommends yogurt for a healthy snack and home cooked meals as much as possible. "Make an effort to prepare meals that are colorful, diverse in ingredients and flavors and portioned intelligently," she says. "Balance lean protein, complex carbohydrates and fat at each meal to satisfy taste buds and ensure proper nutrition."


Stay Humble and Hungry

Leslie has good advice for up and coming athletes. "Remember your two H's—that is, be humble but be hungry," she says."All people are people. It is important to be good to people, and you will get that back. Be hungry about your sport or whatever it is you are passionate about. It will help you focus, and as a result, you will always give your best effort. When you are always eager to perform better, you continue to push yourself, never settling for anything less than perfection. You can't reach perfection—that's what drives me. I am a perfectionist, but you can't reach perfection, so I am always looking for ways to get better."

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