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Wrestler Mandy Rose In One-Piece Bodysuit Shares "Perfect" Glute Workout

Here are her fitness tips.

Former WWE star Mandy Rose (real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno) is sharing her favorite glute workout on Instagram, much to the appreciation of her 3.5 million followers. Rose, 33, posted a video of herself wearing a blue one-piece workout bodysuit, doing a full routine using dumbbells and resistance bands. "Want thick cakes but unsure what to do at the gym? Follow my favorite glute moves to achieve that perfect 🍑!" she captioned the post. Here's how Rose maintains her strong yet curvy physique.


The Glute Workout

Rose's favorite glute workout, as per her Instagram, is as follows:

Bulgarian Split Squats 3×12

Banded Sumo Squats 3×12

Single Leg Deadlifts 3×12

Dumbbell Squats 3×12

Romanian Deadlifts 3×12


Lifting and Cardio

Rose combines heavy lifting and limited cardio for her regular workout regimen. "I usually work out five or six days per week, depending on my schedule, with each workout lasting about one and a half hours," she told Muscle & Fitness. "Right now, I do a little more cardio because I tend to eat more with the crazy schedule—I can't diet as much as I used to. Cardio is a good way for me to warm up and acts almost as therapy for me. My favorite body part to train is my lower body. I get a great feeling after a good squat day or leg session. That rush of serotonin is part of why I continue to work out and live a healthy lifestyle."


Leg Burner Routine

Rose has specific workouts she goes back to time and again. Here is her favorite leg-burner routine:

Squat Jump – 4 sets, 15 reps

Single-Leg Hip Raise – 4 sets, 12 reps

Quick Toes – 4 sets, 30 sec.

Low Split Switch – 4 sets, 30 sec.

Duck Lunge with Band – 4 sets, 30 sec. per leg


Always Room For Donuts

Rose is careful of her diet, but admits healthy food isn't always readily available. She even started Damandyz Donutz with fellow wrestler Sonya Deville (real name Daria Berenato). "I got to make time for the donuts and that was a fun thing we started doing," she told Metro UK. "We are foodies, we love to eat, my dad's a chef, and coming from an Italian family, we love to eat. Eventually, we're trying to get our own online store, which would be cool.'


Plans For the Future


Rose is always thinking ahead to the next step in her career and personal life. "WWE is my priority right now, and it kind of has to be because of how much we're on the road," she previously told Metro UK. "But building a brand all goes hand in hand. It's kind of just making sure you set yourself up for when this is all over. It's not everlasting, eventually I want to start a family and have children so it's being smart with your money and training and making sure you do have a long, successful career. Plus, injuries happen all the time, you need to make sure you don't have all your eggs in one basket."

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