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WWE Icon Trish Stratus Shares Swimsuit Photo "Ready for the Next Round"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Trish Stratus is "ready to rumble" – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the WWE icon shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while posing in a bathing suit. "Tanned and toned 💪🏼 Ready for the Next Round @cangottalent … let's go," she captioned the Instagram snap, adding "We back," and driving her followers wild. "Breaking the internet Mrs Stratus," commented one. "Sexiest woman on the planet," added another. How does the fighter maintain her impressive physique? Celebwell rounded up her top health habits. 


Organic, Unprocessed Foods

Trish detailed her diet to Real Style. "We eat mostly organic, unprocessed foods and we don't have dairy on the regular (as in we don't drink cow's milk, but we are okay to an ice cream cone once in a while!)," she said. "Breakfasts are usually any of the following: eggs, sprouted break, nut butters, oatmeal, and non-dairy yogurt. Lunches and dinners include lean proteins like chicken, grass-fed beef and fish – we usually eat fish 2-3 times a week, quinoa is the favourite grain around here and lots of veggies. Some of my staples for snacks are vegan protein powder, hemp seeds, all nuts and fruit and we use coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and avocado oil to cook our food. Pretty simple, and clean and that allows us to have a cheat here and there with NO guilt! We look forward to our pizza nights and burger nights out."


Hard Work

Trish works hard for her body. "I built my body the same way I built the women's division – with hard work, persistence and strength. If only you knew the strength we needed to draw on back then. It's what built the unbreakable mould," she explained to her followers in an Instagram post. 


Stratusphere Living Cleanse

Trish loves doing cleanses – but not the liquid kind. On her website she shared details about her Stratusphere Living Cleanse, which help "give your guts a break," and "clean out your system." The cleanse takes 48-72 hours and involves eating only fresh, natural, whole foods. "For 2 days when you make your food choices, just think is this food in it's natural form – in other words, you should be able to recognize all the ingredients on the label," she says. "As this is a cleanse, you will be having mostly shakes, salads, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables – all foods that your body can easily process."



When she retired from the ring in 2006, Trish continued to study yoga and went on to get her certification in the Ashtanga discipline. "In 2008, I opened my own studio (Stratusphere) so I could provide a platform for people to find some balance in their life. I found that if I disconnected for even an hour a day — the way yoga allows me to — I can approach anything head on.  I wanted to be able to let people discover that," she told Chatelaine. "Yoga and wrestling are obviously very different, but having both in my life offered a sort of yin and yang effect. One practice helped me appreciate the other; yoga allowed me to be a better wrestler and a better performer. Believe me, my body definitely appreciated my yoga class after coming off the road from a wrestling tour."


Nutrition Journal

Trish also recommends keeping a nutrition journal. "It's a great way to help you realize what's working in your diet and it keeps you accountable. It's the one tool that I always recommend to people who are looking to start making changes in their eating habits. I've used one consistently for more than 10 years, starting back in my fitness days. Recording everything will give you the best chance to get fit and eat more nuTRISHionally — pun intended!" she says. 

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