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WWE Star Natalya Neidhart in Workout Gear Poses With The Rock

Here are her training tips.

WWE star Natalya Neidhart gave a very sweet shout out to one of her favorite fellow wrestlers—Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Neidhart, 41, shared a picture of herself standing next to Johnson, both wearing black workout gear. "Just a couple of third generation wrestlers!! I know you're the ultimate bad guy at work, but thank you for always being so kind and warm to me and my entire family, @therock. During highs and lows, you've always made the time to show you care, no matter how busy you are. I'm always inspired by your work ethic and how genuine you are," she captioned the post. Neidhart works hard to stay fighting fit every day—here's what her diet, training, and wellness regimen looks like.


Consistency Is Key

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart tries to stay consistent with her workouts and training, even when she doesn't have a lot of time. "I try to, when I feel good…if I have lots of time, of course I take advantage of it, but sometimes I only have 30 minutes to get a workout in—and 30 minutes is better than nothing," she told Muscle & Fitness. "I actually have a world class coach that works with me daily. Even when I'm on the road I have a program that he set up, and he actually designed an app that helps a lot of us superstars here at the WWE, like 20 of us actually go work out through him."


Organic Whole Foods


Neidhart enjoys a balanced, organic whole foods diet. "I firmly believe in keeping it simple… And this applies to my life inside the ring and out!" she told OK! "I eat foods that grow on trees, come from the earth, swim in the ocean and run across grass lol! I like to eat clean and organically (and organic doesn't mean buying food from an organic section at the grocery store!) organic means sticking with the basics, sticking with foods that aren't processed."


Heavy Squats and Running

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart's favorite exercises are heavy squats and running. "These exercises help me so much with my in ring performance because I use my legs a lot for strength," she told Women's Health. "When I power-bomb [fellow Superstar] Charlotte Flair, I know I can do it with ease, because my front squat game is strong. Squats also keep me curvy… and I'm all about that!" 


Summer Body Tips

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart's tips for a strong physique is to be mindful of nutrition and drink plenty of water. "For an amazing summer body, it's important to hydrate, take multivitamins to make sure you are getting extra nutrients, and fuel yourself multiple times throughout the day so you never feel deprived," she told OK!. "A lot of people eat more, when they're really actually thirsty. Sometimes I like to carry around a gallon of water with me… Just to see if I can drink the whole thing. Make it a contest with yourself!"


No Shortcuts

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart emphasizes how hard she and her fellow fighters work. "You gotta do the work. I'm sorry, there is no shortcut," she told Muscle & Fitness. "There is no shortcut. Especially when you're in WWE, us girls we can't be fragile. We can't be scrawny. We gotta be strong. Even our littler competitors like Sasha or Alexa or Carmella, these girls are strong and tough. They may be small, but they're strong. They can go in the gym and they kick some serious butt in the gym and in the ring. That's what we have to do for our careers."

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