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WWE's Valerie Loureda Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Lola Vice"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Valerie Loureda is a WWE star, also known as Lola Vice. She also isn't afraid of showing off her amazing body on social media. Loureda shared a new swimsuit photo on Instagram this week. In it, she posed in front of a chair on a pool deck. She captioned the post, "No heat wave without Lola Vice." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lola Vice stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Doesn't Eat Before A Workout & Eats Healthy After A Workout

Loureda shares some of her favorite foods on the Vital Proteins website. She says that she is pretty specific about her pre and post workout meals. "Every morning, I train fasted – meaning I don't eat anything before working out. Afterward, I usually have some sort of protein, a carb and healthy fat like avocado. As for why I train fasted, I find, in my experience, it's a great way to maintain my weight. I also feel lean while exercising."


She Wants To Inspire Others

Loureda shares a bunch of stunning posts on Instagram, and she has a good reason. Loureda tells Muscle and Fitness that she wants her posts to inspire other women to feel confident in themselves. "If women do it, it's being seen as doing it for social media and doing it to be an object for men and marketing. And that's not the case. It's not for any man, it's for us as women showing we can be badass and beautiful and strong, and we could still be animals in the cage and know how to defend ourselves."


She's True To Herself


Loureda tells Muscle and Fitness that one of her secrets to success is staying true to herself. "Don't listen to what anybody has to say about you, because you have to be yourself and stay true to yourself in order to be recognized by the world. And if I would have listened to what anybody said about me, I wouldn't be in the position where I am now. And just because I don't look like I'm the stereotype in my sport doesn't mean I don't have the same level and the same talent. So I would tell girls to stay true to themselves. Be yourself, and work a hundred times harder than everyone else in your career. Stay true to your passion and just grow and shine—don't let anybody tell you otherwise."


She Takes Supplements

Loureda tells Muscle and Fitness that taking supplements is a big part of her wellness routine. "I'm very big on my routine with my vitamins, my supplements and, and my nutrition. So I do eat healthy, and I don't eat a lot of carbs. But if there's something I'm very disciplined with, it's my vitamins and my blood work is really important to me. Every day I work out, and after every workout I use Vital Performance Recover. I love guava lime— it reminds me of Miami. After every training session, I always do that to make sure I'm good for the next one. You know, it really helps my body and my recovery. The amino acids, and everything has been amazing for my training."


She's Motivated

Loureda is all about pushing herself to workout. She tells Vital Proteins, "Honestly, it's all about how bad you want it. There are days where I am less motivated than others, but I remind myself of my dreams and everything I want to accomplish, and it helps me push through the workout."  

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