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WWE's Carmella In Workout Gear Says "Sneakers or Boots? Help Me Decide"

She’s showing off some new looks.

WWE star Carmella (real name Leah Van Dale) is asking her 3.4 million Instagram followers for fashion advice with some workout outfits. The 36-year-old wrestler shared a reel of herself wearing white shorts and a matching crop top, posing in her walk-in closet. "Help me decide…are we feeling the sneakers or boots? comment below your fav look! 👀" she captioned the post. Here's how the new mom stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Athletic Background


Carmella has a solid background in fitness, dance, and athletics. "I grew up in a really healthy, fit household," she told Athletech News. "My parents were very healthy. I was the only girl bringing carrot sticks to recess instead of chips. Don't get me wrong, I like my sour cream and onion chips [from] back in the day. Still do. But, I just grew up really healthy and I think that just was instilled in me from a very young age, especially throughout my years with the Patriots and the Lakers. I was always very healthy."


Low-Impact Workouts

Carmella refuses to lift super-heavy weights ever again. "I take [a high-intensity, low-impact exercise class] called Solidcore," she told Athletech News. "[The machine used in Solidcore classes] they call it 'Sweatlana.' It's kind of like a reformer, but not exactly the same. It's their version of it. I am obsessed. It is the only workout I do besides yoga. I feel like Solidcore has afforded me the opportunity to get my body exactly where I want it to be, physically, and how I look and how I feel. It's so easy on my joints. I will never, ever go back to anything else."  


Intuitive Eating

Carmella makes sure to fuel her body properly. "I've finally gotten to a point where I don't want to restrict my diet. I don't want to tell myself I can't have something," she told Yahoo! Life. "And I feel like now this is the best I've ever looked and the best I've ever felt because I just am doing what's right for me and eating intuitively."


Working Out On the Road

Carmella switches up her workouts when she's on the road. "If I had a hard match the night before I'm probably just gonna walk it out on the treadmill for a little bit or do the stationary bike, and then maybe do some stretching," she told Athletech News. "But if I'm feeling good, I probably will do a nice little circuit workout with some dumbbells, a kettlebell. A lot of times I just have to do [with] what's there with me or bring [resistance] bands with me on the road. I keep them in my carry-on. If they happen to have a cable machine [I'll use it]. I like a good cable workout as well."


Gentle Approach

Carmella is careful not to let herself burn out through diet and exercise. "When I started out, I had so much pressure like 'I have to be fit, I want to have a six-pack, I need to keep this up.' I mean as a wrestler, you need to have a specific physique and look a certain way," she told Yahoo! Life. "And that's kind of what set me apart too is I always had a defined body and things like that. And I tried to keep that up."

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