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Yazmin Oukhellou Shows Off Fit Figure "Fresh Faced in Turkey"

Yazmin Oukhellou is best known for being a cast member on the hit reality series, The Only Way Is Essex. She is currently on vacation in beautiful Turkey. Oukhellou shared a new photo from the trip on her Instagram this week. In it, she posed in a swimsuit on her hotel room's balcony, the ocean view on full display. Oukhellou captioned the post, "Fresh Faced in Turkey." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Yazmin Oukhellou stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Oukhellou makes sure to take care of her skin. She shared some of her favorite products in an interview with heatworld. Oukhellou loves products from The Body Shop. "I love the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask, especially if you've got a spot and you need to get rid of it for an event or something like that, put that on overnight and in the morning it's gone. The Vitamin E Moisture Cream is also absolutely amazing."


She Meditates


Oukhellou shared some of her wellness secrets with heatworld. She says that she loves to practice meditation. "Every morning, I try to put on a morning meditation before I get out of bed just to start my day off positive. I think for me, self-love and also gratitude is a really, really big thing. So I try to do that every single morning and also before I go to sleep, I put on a sleep meditation to unblock my chakras and I think that really, really does help."


She Eats Healthy

Oukhellou eats pretty healthy. She shared her typical diet with Closer Online. "For breakfast, I'll have a protein shake, usually a cookies and cream flavour. I love it with a dollop of peanut better. For lunch, I'll have something Turkish, like chicken with either bulgur rice or plain rice and salad. For dinner, I'll make a chicken stir fry or fajitas, or a Bolognese. I love sweets, and I'll snack on Haribos and chocolate. I've got a whole sweet cupboard in my house!"


She Cooks


Oukhellou likes to cook. She shared her favorite meal to make with Closer Online. "My roast dinner is amazing. My secret to good roasties is to use goose fat, rub them in garlic paste and sprinkle Parmesan on them. I serve runner beans covered with Parmesan too, and they're mind-blowing."


She Has Self-Care Days

Oukhellou is all about self-care. She tells heatworld that she does things each Sunday, and shared her favorite things to do. "I like to run a nice bath and put my crystals in there. I put the candles on, put some meditation music on, get out and put a face mask on. I always do chamomile and honey tea before I go to sleep. And it will just be no alcohol, no sugary substances or sweets and things I do love to binge on. Just giving myself some me time."

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