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Yellowstone Star Hassie Harrison Shares Swimsuit Photo From "the Beach"

She took Ryan Bingham to the beach. 

Yellowstone might be on hiatus, but actress Hassie Harrison is staying on brand and in character even during her down time. The 33-year-old star shared a picture of herself posing in a pink bikini with on-screen-off-screen boyfriend Ryan Bingham, looking happy and loved up. "Highly recommend taking your cowboy to the beach," she captioned the post. Harrison's Yellowstone co-star Kelly Reilly commented with "❤️❤️". Here's Harrison's approach to health, wellness, and happiness.


Long Walks With Dogs

Harrison loves taking walks with her dogs. "I'm obsessed with dogs and am currently in a deep and meaningful love affair with my morning coffee and consider myself to be a cereal enthusiast," she says. "I take a lot of walks to exercise my body, spend time with friends and family to fill my heart, read and listen to audiobooks and podcasts to stay informed and make sure to get a lot of vitamin D! As an extra bonus, I also love a good face mask."


Inside Out Approach

Harrison follows a holistic approach to health and wellness. "I became a certified health coach a few years ago, so I am a big believer in the inside-out approach," she says. "What we eat and drink shows up on our skin, in our sleep patterns and in our day-to-day energy levels and moods… I have slowed down my life and exercise routine. I have been taking beautiful long walks with my puppy and have noticed how my body has appreciated the gift of rest and relaxation. To balance that out, I have put more focus on eating healthy and cooking my own clean meals."


Face Oils


Harrison uses face oils to protect and enhance her complexion. "For my bare essentials, I'm a big fan of face oils," she says. "They hydrate my skin in a way that allows my makeup to look lighter and have more radiance so that I need less of it. I try to keep things clean and natural looking, but I'll throw on a cat eye when I'm trying to spice things up."


No Fast Fashion

Harrison tries to be mindful of avoiding fast fashion. "My style is constantly evolving," she says. "Although I do gravitate towards pieces that have a classic look and feel. I want clothes that will stand the test of time so that I can wear them long-term. I try not to follow trends. I find them wasteful given the toll they take on the environment. I love fashion so much but in the last few years especially I've tried to be conscious of honoring that passion while leaving a smaller footprint. There are so many cool secondhand websites, like OpenCloset or theRealReal, that help me do just that!"


Staying Focused

Harrison has good advice for anyone wanting to do what she does. "My chosen career requires a lot of passion, patience, and persistence," she says. "It's also necessary to stay out of your own way by continuing to show up and do the work. Just as important, you must study and educate yourself through film, theater, observing actors and directors and reading a ton of scripts. Work hard and you'll be rewarded. I've found that to be true in life and in acting. It's that life is short and things can change in an instant – don't wait, just go for it."

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