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You People Star Romy Reiner Shares Swimsuit Photo

You’ll find her at the thrift store.

You People star Romy Reiner is a bit of a rock aficionado, if her social media is anything to go by. Reiner, who plays Jackie Golden in the movie, shared pictures and video of herself crouched on rocks in a white bikini and pink crocs, examining some beach stones against a beautiful background of ocean and blue skies. "I love rocks," she captioned the post. Here are some other things that make Reiner happy.


Family Business

Reiner was encouraged to take writing and performing seriously by her grandfather Carl Reiner.  "I once shared a short story with him that I wrote called The Widow, a dark comedy piece about a woman who hates the morgue attendant who was chosen for her dead husband," she says. "He told me that even though it was only a few pages long, he knew I was a writer. Hearing that meant so much to me. He also told me what an incredible dancer I was, and, truthfully, that made me rethink his opinion of me as a writer. But he still had the biggest heart, always showed kindness to people, and just wanted everyone to be happy. One of the best pieces of advice that he gave to my father [Rob Reiner] was: 'Write about whatever is an extension of you, take from your own experiences, and use that as a guiding principle for your work.' My dad echoes the same sentiment to me today."


Horror and Comedy

Reiner loves the horror and comedy genres best. "These days horror and comedy are the two subjects I gravitate toward," she says. "But I'm also working on a romantic comedy called Born Again Virgin that was picked up by Warner Bros. TV. My grandpa was unique in that he created The Dick Van Dyke Show, which was the first sitcom to show the head of a family both at home and at work. I hope to follow in his footsteps by breaking norms and creating new ways to tell a story."


Sustainable Fashion

Reiner's style is focused on comfort and sustainable fashion. "I mainly wear white and black basics," she says. "I tend to mainly shop vintage and sustainable brands. I usually will go for comfort over style, but the great part is trying to mix the two. I found an incredible dress from the 30's that's very beautiful. But I can't wear it to the gas station. Or could I? My mom has given me an Armani jacket/blazer that I think is very timeless. I wouldn't say I focus too much on designers or one specific brand."


Thrift Shopping


Reiner enjoys the experience of going thrift shopping. "My personal style is a little hard to explain—it's mostly whatever I feel comfortable in, which tends to be high-waisted shorts and little floral dresses. It's a little '90s-inspired," she says. "I love thrift shopping. To find the best stuff, you can't go into a store trying to find something specific. If you go with an open mind, you'll find tons of great stuff."


Strong Work Ethic

Reiner is inspired by her late grandfather's work ethic. "When I was growing up, he was just my grandfather, not the entertainer and writer so many knew him to be," she says. "As I got older and my interests became clearer, I realized I was more like him than I thought. When I started writing about five years ago, he said, 'Just keep writing; don't ever stop.' He was so driven. He was still working on books at 98, right up until he passed away in June. I think he was even on Twitter before me — and his Twitter game was strong."

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