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Young Sheldon Star Emily Osment Shares Swimsuit Photo Looking "Wow"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Young Sheldon star Emily Osment spent time in Joshua Tree, California and has the pictures to prove it. Osment, 31, shared a selfie of herself posing in front of a mirror wearing a plaid bikini and straw hat, showing off a cactus tattoo on her thigh. "Wow Emily 😍😍😍," a friend commented. Here's what Osment has to say about Hollywood and the industry after being part of it for so many years.


Supporting Her Peers


Osment goes out of her way to support her fellow actors. "I find it is in my wheelhouse to suggest actors for things," she says. "So that's always fun when someone's like, 'Hey we have this role coming up in a couple episodes, do you know any actors that might be good for it?' and I'm like [gasps] oh my god I do! It feels good to stand up for the rest of your team. I studied theater in college and the theater community that you have is so important, and I feel like in 'Hollywood' so to speak, it's such a solitary individual career path sometimes you have and I don't feel that in Los Angeles. I have so many friends that are actors that there is no competition and I feel like having the ability to suggest friends for things is such a wonderful aspect of my job. You can vouch for people and in return, they can vouch for you later. It feels good."


Pulling the SAG Card

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Osment is confident in her abilities after acting since she was a child. "I've been a SAG member for 23 years and that is something that's nice to keep in my arsenal," she says. "If anyone tries to mess with me I can pull that out. I don't, but it's nice to know that if things go awry I can say 'Hey, I've been doing this a while and I know how things should go."


Straight Man


Osment is happy to play the more low key roles and let others be silly. "I like [playing the] straight man," she says. "I think it's a little more fun and a little more challenging if you can't fall back on physical comedy or an outrageous line or an outrageous performance. If you actually have to be funny without using all of your skills from previous comedy jobs, it's more challenging, it's more fun. I like that, and watching my fellow castmates shine and be ridiculous."


No Time For Haters

Osment has learned to ignore critics. "There are always those people who say, 'That's not even you singing,' or, 'You didn't even write that song,' or 'This lyric is about somebody.' There are always going to be people who dislike," she says. "But there are always going to be people who love, as well."


She's Good At Lots of Things

Osment refuses to be pushed into a box, saying she loves to do many different things. "I'm capable of doing many things," she says. "I'm a phenomenal golfer. I love to act. I can sing. I can play guitar. I write music. I can dance really well. I can cook. I do a lot of things. I do A LOT of things. And you just have to get to know me. I don't judge a book by its cover. I don't look at one person and go, 'Oh, Justin Bieber is a musician.' But he might also be a pro race car driver. I don't know—I don't know him. You can't just put someone in one place…no one just does one thing."

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