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Your Place or Mine Star Reese Witherspoon Shares Swimsuit Photo From Ice Bath

Her beauty and wellness philosophy.

Your Place or Mine star Reese Witherspoon isn't afraid to get on board with some trendy wellness hacks—namely, cold water immersion. Witherspoon, who played Debbie in the movie, shared a picture of herself wearing a black bathing suit while taking an ice bath in her yard. "Love! Especially you in the cooler!" commented Sara Blakely. Witherspoon has been in the public eye for decades—here's how she lives her best life at 47.


Balanced Life

David Disponett/Pexels

Witherspoon tries to live a balanced life, with space for indulgences. "I do think it all goes together—you know, getting enough sleep, eating well," she says. "I eat well the majority of the week, so I think that has a lot to do with it. One day a week, I get my cheat day, where I eat as much cake and pizza as I want, but I try to be pretty healthy the rest of the time. Exercise is a big piece and drinking a lot of water. I try not to drink too much coffee, but sometimes, I drink too much coffee. But then, you know, as far as skin care is concerned, just really making sure I'm cleaning and washing my face twice a day, particularly on heavy-makeup days, and moisturizing and adding all the serums, because they really do make a big difference."


Serious About Skincare


Witherspoon takes her skincare very seriously. "Skincare has been a huge part of my life for 30 years, being on camera so much and making sure that I have a good base for makeup," she says. "Cameras are sometimes about five inches from my face. How the texture of my skin looks and taking care of it is so important, so it's really a process for me."


Beauty Advice

Witherspoon has good advice for her daughter when it comes to skincare and beauty. "Well, Ava's so into beauty. She just has always loved it, even as a little girl," she says. "She watched YouTube videos, and she can do her own makeup so beautifully. So it's really fun to watch her do it. She teaches me a lot of stuff. I definitely get a lot of tips from her. She has a different skin type than me, though, so she likes completely different products. I believe just the importance of taking off your makeup every night, moisturizing your skin, and sunscreen! It really accumulates—what you do to your skin when you're 18 shows up on your face when you're 40."


Skincare Collaboration


Witherspoon partnered with skincare brand Biossance after trying their products. "They were finding biotech solutions to these problems and creating sustainable products in very ethical ways by using sugarcane and not harming the environment," she says. "Also, women haven't always been at the forefront of talking about how products are made. Seeing this company that was so female forward and so environmentally forward was really encouraging and I was excited to be part of the Biossance family because of it."


Nighttime Routine

Witherspoon is all about quiet comfort and relaxation in the evenings. "My sweats go on the minute I come home," she says. "Bra off, sweats on. I usually read about 30 minutes to an hour every night, and that just relaxes me. I listen to, like, relaxing music that really sets the mood for bed. It's either, like, scrolling through TikTok or reading a book, and I find reading a book much more beneficial for my mental health. Reading really is like a relaxation technique for me. It takes me to another place. I'm thinking about these characters. I get very immersed in their world. And everything else kind of fades away."

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