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Zendaya Stunt Double Alex Jay in Two-Piece Workout Gear Boxes "A Quick One"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Model Alex Jay from Cape Town, who also does work for UGC Studios, is famous, even if you don't know her yet. She's best known for being Zendaya's stunt double, reportedly on Dune: Part Two. You've also seen her work in The Woman King, the Resident Evil TV series and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. And one look at her Instagram proves why she's booked those parts; she's exceptional at what she does. Here's how.


She's Into Stick Fighting or Staff Spinning

"Staff spinning is an artform in which a person uses 1 or 2 staffs to spin around their body to induce a state of flow. Contact staff, double staff, and dragon staff are some forms of staff spinning," says Camp Augusta. "This is a movement and prop dance practice in which people learn a language of different moves or 'tricks' which they can stitch together in a state of free expression."


She Kickboxes

"Kickboxing has risen as one of the most appealing forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Plus, the benefits of kickboxing go way beyond just firming your glutes or getting more defined triceps. In fact, kickboxing can be a fantastic addition to your weekly workout routine, no matter what your fitness and health goals are," says the YMCA. "During kickboxing sessions, you'll be punching and kicking a bag. The bag may be suspended from the ceiling, or it could be affixed to a solid stationary stand on the floor. Either way, your job is to repeatedly punch the bag with gloved fists or kick it with your feet."


She Runs

"You burn more calories from running and walking than from a lot of the other exercise programs that you can work in. It shows that it decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease, I think by about 45 percent. Running also increases your HDL, which is one of your good cholesterols. It helps burn calories, it helps reduce fat and it reduces your risk of getting diabetes," says Inspira Health.


She Gets Vitamins From the Sun

"​​According to the World Health Organization, getting 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin two or three times a week can give you a healthy dose of vitamin D," says Geisinger. "Those are broad guidelines, and they change depending on your skin tone and other factors, like whether you've had skin cancer. But the bottom line is, the sun can deliver an essential nutrient right to your bare arms and legs."


She Boxes, Obviously

"Boxing combines punching drills and conditioning exercises that can improve your heart health, strength, endurance, balance and coordination," Physical therapist James Edwards, DPT, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "It can also reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve your confidence and overall well-being."

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