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5 Secrets of Hannah Kepple's Stunning Beach Body as She Visits Nice, France

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Hannah Kepple is a successful actress on one of the most popular shows of all time. She's best known for her role on the Karate Kid TV series, Cobra Kai. Kepple also appeared in Tell Me Your Secrets and Your Worst Nightmare. She is spending time in Nice, France, and shared a photo of herself on the beach on her Instagram story. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hannah Kepple stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Limits Social Media Use


Kepple revealed in an interview with the Steve Varley Show that she limits her social media use.  "I used to have a Twitter and then I honestly, social media very much overwhelms me and gives me anxiety, so I'm like, I'm going to knock it down to just Instagram. I enjoy Instagram the most, and I feel like, I don't know, I enjoy Instagram the most, so that's the one I have, but that's so funny. I mean, hey, that's really nice of them. I know that somebody has a TikTok with ple. That's not me for anybody out there. I only have Instagram, but yeah, that's funny."


She Hikes

Kepple spends a lot of time outside. One thing she likes to do is go for hikes. She talked about this in her Steve Varley Show interview. "I'm really fortunate that I'm with my family right now, so I love to spend time with them. We've got some beautiful trails, so I love to be outside hiking and stuff, so I try and be active and do stuff, keep myself busy."


She Speaks Out

Kepple speaks out about causes that are important to her. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram. Kepple shared this post in October 2022 talking about domestic violence. She captioned the post, "October is domestic violence awareness month! 💜 Domestic violence awareness helps bring attention to an issue that occurs within domestic partnerships and intimate relationships of all kinds—and is often not talked about. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, includes a wide range of violent, abusive, and manipulative behaviors meant to control a romantic partner. In addition, those living in households where domestic violence occurs can be deeply affected by that abuse, particularly children. Domestic violence includes a variety of abusive behaviors, such as: physical or sexual violence, emotional abuse and intimidation, verbal abuse, isolation, and financial abuse."


She Has A Dog

Kepple is a dog owner, and she features her pup on Instagram. Having a dog can be very beneficial. Harvard Health states, "A growing body of solid research shows that owning a dog can: provide companionship, help you be more active, make kids calmer, more secure, and more responsible, improve the lives of older individuals, help you be calmer, more mindful, and more present in your life, make you more social and less isolated, ease stress."


She Loves What She Does

Hannah Kepple/Instagram

Kepple shared how she got into acting in her Steve Varley Show interview. "I grew up in a smaller town. I got into the film industry or was interested in the film industry in high school, and I signed up to the one agency that we had in my town, and I just started sending self tapes. And so Cobra Kai was just another self tape I got. It was like Ralph macho YouTube bread, and I was like, wait, who's Ralph Macho? And YouTube does TV me shows what? I was like, oh my God, the Karate kid. Of course. And so I sent in a self tape and I got some really great feedback and they wanted me to come to Atlanta and audition in front of everybody. And so I drove down and I did the audition in person, and then it was very quick a couple days later, they wanted me to come back to Atlanta for the table read, and they told me I got it. So it was, that's, yeah, it was amazing."

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