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'90s Icon Elizabeth Hurley Shares Swimsuit Photo "in Heaven"

Theses are her wellness tips

Elizabeth Hurley is busy at work modeling swimsuits. In one of her most recent social media posts, the supermodel flaunts her forever young body in a bright blue bathing suit from her collection. "In heaven," she captioned the Instagram video. "Ageless beauty," commented one of her followers. The hottest woman in the world," added another. "How has she got that amazing body," asked a third. The 58-year-old revealed a few of her secrets in a recent interview. 


She Loves Holiday Food


While Elizabeth watches what she eats most of the time she indulges around the holidays. "I love roast turkey, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Christmas puddings, and mince pies. I love all of it. I mean, I'm, I'm quite greedy by nature, and we always have a rule at Christmas that no one's allowed to be on a diet," she told Women's Health. "We just eat anything we want, and it's great." 


She Eats Three Times a Day


"I try really hard to eat three times a day," Elizabeth told Women's Health about her approach to diet. "I think the concept of snacking and grazing throughout the day is terrible for people's digestion. I think you need to eat and then give your body time to digest, use that food, and completely empty."


She Doesn't Snack or Eat Late at Night


Elizabeth also avoids eating later at night. "My philosophy is eat well, eat enough three times a day, and stop snacking."


She Takes Baths

"[My mother] used to call her bathtub her think tank. And when she finally got us all into bed, she used to always retire into the bath. And I think I've just copied her," she told Women's Health about her go-to self-care method. "A candle and lovely oil in the bath. I take about 20 minutes to close my eyes and take it easy before I get out of the bath and start learning my lines or whatever I have to do."


She Puts Herself First

Elizabeth stresses the importance of putting yourself first. "We always tend to put ourselves on the bottom of the priority list of what we have to do. And I think there is a real movement now to try to encourage women to value themselves and value their own health and wellbeing," she told the publication. "It's not self-indulgent. It's vital."

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