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A Haunting in Venice Star Emma Laird Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Country Girl"

Here are the directors she would love to work with.

A Haunting in Venice star Emma Laird is enjoying the beautiful wild outdoors in Round Lake, New York. Laird, 25, shared pictures of herself laying on a boat in a polka dot bikini, a sun hat helping to protect her skin from the sun. She also included video of herself swimming in the lake. "I'm just a country girl on a little slice of heaven 🍕🌅🍊," she captioned the post. Here's what Laird plans to do next.


She's a Tomboy

Laird has always had a unique sense of style. "I was always a tomboy at school," she says. "I'd play football with all the boys at break time. And I mean in year 11, so I was 16. I've always been mad on sports and not too bothered about high street clothing, which most of my friends wore. I could also never afford to shop at Topshop as a teenager so I made do with what I already had. But I guess working in fashion has changed my style in the sense that I've found that it's ok to really dress how you want, and not how you see most girls dressing on Instagram. I hate all of that. Contour and sequins aren't my thing. I'm more of a bleach my eyebrows and wear an oversized football top gal."


Unique Beauty

Laird has learned to appreciate her looks over the years. "I'm more confident," she says. "Not in an arrogant way, I was just never the pretty girl at school and it's nice that I'm in a job where I'm appreciated for the way I look (ginger hair and freckles and all). It's hard to say how it has shaped my life because before this all I knew was school. I just feel like I've really lived and experienced what life is because I've grown up. What my life would be like if I hadn't have fallen into this, I don't have a clue!" 


Sun Protection

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Laird is careful to protect her skin from the sun no matter what the season. "I ALWAYS have SPF in my moisturizer, even in the winter because my skin is pale and sensitive," she says. "But during summer I mix it with another facial sun cream for extra protection. If I'm on holiday and swimming a lot I try to use shampoo as little as possible so it doesn't completely dry out with swimming every day. Coconut oil is always a favorite as a moisturizer to sensitive skin like mine, you just have to be careful of leakage because it melts during summer and can get messy. I hate wearing heavy make up when it's warm so I only do a layer of black mascara, clear brow gel and lip balm. Nothing on my face, I just feels too nasty. And no moisturizer at night."


Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Laird tries to live an eco-friendly life. "I am always carrying my reusable iced coffee cup and metal straw with me," she says. "I drink so many iced soy lattes in this heat! I refuse straws when I'm out with my friends which is something I think everyone should be doing now. It's so easy to say no to plastic when you're out!"


Future Goals

Laird has big dreams for the future. "I would love to work with Sofia Coppola, her work is poetry to me," she says. "The Beguiled is one of my favorite movies. I love directors that make movies [that make] you question whether you like them, or make you confused or angry. [Like] Yorgos Lanthimos, I was so confused the first time I watched one of his movies, I thought, 'Did I hate that? Did I love it?' I think that's super interesting – I would love to work with him. I also think Taika Waititi is a genius. Taking chances on first-time directors is also really interesting to me, because it's really kind of hard to get cast in a Taika Waititi movie."

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