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Alaya F in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Dance Video

“Hotti 🔥❤️” commented one of her followers.

Alaya F is dancing in her workout gear. In a new social media post the Indian actress shows off her amazing body – including her incredibly fit abs – in a two piece workout look while dancing up a storm. "Since you guys gave so much love (and engagement 🤪) to my #BTS rehearsal videos, please take one more," she captioned the post. "Hotti 🔥❤️" commented one of her followers. "Wow 🔥😍💖💋🤎🐦" added another. How does the star approach nutrition? Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 


Healthy Diet and Fitness Approach

In an interview with ETimes Alya revealed that she has PCOS, and is "definitely not one of those who can eat whatever they want and get away with it." However, she is "quite happy" because it forces her to be healthy. "I don't think I'd live a very active, healthy life then," she explains. "The fact that I need to keep my body in check and all of that in check really encourages me and pushes me to go out there and find physical activities that I really enjoy, whether it's dance or yoga or any of that. So I think there's a way you can look at everything and I'm glad I get to put more into my body, more good things into my body in order to keep myself fit."



One of the "morning rituals" Alya follows? "One cup of coffee and 30 minutes to myself," she says. "I always make sure I wake up a little earlier than I need to, 30 minutes earlier than I need to, just so I can have that one cup of coffee, sit in silence, just be with myself, start the day at my own pace, because then the rest of the day gets chaotic and crazy. And so many things are constantly happening that you have to be up and alert for that I just like those 30 minutes." 


Changing Her Eating Habits with Goals

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Alya changes the "timings of when I eat" depending "on what fitness goals I have or what type of activity I'm doing," she says. "Of course, if you know I'm being very active, then I won't limit my carb intake because I think it's super important to also keep having carbs to keep your energy up. But at the same time, if I really want to get into a certain shape fast, then I make sure that I do cut out on my carbs. So, totally depends."


Breakfast Lunch and Dinner


What does she eat in a day? "Maybe I'll have something like oats and fruits in the morning," she explains. For lunch and dinner she enjoys roti. "I also like snacking throughout the day, so I'll find nice healthy snacks that I enjoy," she says. "My favorite meal of the day would have to be dinner because that's the only meal I actually properly sit down and eat in peace again."


Protein After Exercise

"So usually my post-workout meal, I try to get in some sort of protein," Alaya says. "I allow myself to also eat carbs at that point because, you know, I've just had a great workout, but again, this also totally changes. I mean, there are days where right after my workout, I don't even get a chance to eat because I'm running somewhere else after it. So, totally depends." Her usual workout time is around noon. 


Vegan Diet

Alaya maintains a vegan diet. "I strictly avoid all meat and even eggs. So that's something new that I'm trying. Usually food-wise, I'm quite open."

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