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Alison Brie In Workout Gear Celebrates Major Fitness Milestone

“Celebrated 100 classes @formapilatesla with surprise balloons!!"

Alison Brie is celebrating a major milestone in her fitness journey. The Mad Men actress, 41, shared pictures of herself wearing black leggings and a gray sports bra, holding gold '100' balloons that were presented to her as a surprise congratulations. "Celebrated 100 classes @formapilatesla with surprise balloons!! (and a killer ab and glute series🥵😛) Thanks for the time under tension, gals!" she captioned the post. Here's what Brie's health and wellness routine looks like in her 40s.


Working Out To Feel Good

Brie notices a difference in her mood when she doesn't exercise. "On days that I work out, I feel good—I feel confident I feel strong and calm," she told Well+Good. "On days that I don't work out I feel a little untethered and a little grouchy, so it's a real priority to me, no matter where I am. I've done workouts in my trailer at work when I had a 30 minute break. I just feel like, it's good to find that time. It's good for your health, and it's good for your mind."


Rise Nation and Peloton

Brie likes doing Rise Nation and Peloton workouts in Los Angeles, and Devin Wiggins and Claire P. Thomas when she wants to do an at-home workout. "I seldom do the exact thing that they're doing," she told Well+Good. "But I kind of look at it, and mix and match those with a running list that I already keep in my phone of certain exercises that I can do on my own."


Glow Training

Training for her role as Ruth Wilder in GLOW took Brie's fitness to another level. "I have never considered myself an athletic person until I started working on GLOW. We do a month of wrestling training before shooting every season of GLOW," she told ET. "That's all of the women in the ring. Three hours a day, five days a week. And that was also incredibly empowering. Learning that your body is capable of so much more than you ever expected is pretty life-changing for me."


Food Is Not the Enemy

Brie changed her approach to fitness, now focusing on being strong and healthy over being as small as possible. "More than anything, I think, [with] my trainers, we honed in on healthy eating and not considering food the enemy," she told ET. " So it's much better for me to do something, have a lifestyle where I live in a healthy way and I work out in a way that makes me feel strong and powerful and I eat food. But I eat healthy food and sometimes I eat unhealthy food and it's fine."


Self-Care Routine

Brie uses Epsom salts and CBD to relax. "For muscle recovery, Epsom salts and CBD are a big part of my routine," she told Well+Good. "My husband [actor Dave Franco] and I usually will take a lazy Sunday. We're very serious about our lazy Sundays—the goal is to not leave the house at all. We do next to nothing."

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