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6 Amazing Bodies of Ahsoka Stars

Here's how they stay Star Wars-fit.

Staying fit in Star Wars isn't just about lightsaber training. Herewe delve into the wellness routines and secrets of six remarkable Ahsoka stars who not only grace our screens with their talent but also inspire us with their dedication to health and self-care. From Rosario Dawson's practical approach to Natasha Liu Bordizzo's go-to meals, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's intense training regimen to Diana Lee Inosanto's love for nature, David Tennant's unique take on public image to Eman Esfandi's artistic pursuit of a more empathetic world – prepare to be impressed with how they stay slimmer than a Purrgil.


Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson talked about her wellness routine to Us Weekly. She says that because of her schedule, she needs her wellness secrets to be easy and consistent. "I walk everywhere. I drink a lot of water. I try to get as much sleep as possible. Everything else about my schedule and routine is inconsistent, so if those types of things I can do, they're really important… I can always take the stairs rather than use the elevator or the escalator."


Natasha Liu Bordizzo


Natasha Liu Bordizzo shared her go-to meals in an interview with Byrdie. "For breakfast, I'll usually have muesli with coconut milk or eggs and avocado (the Aussie classic). For lunch, I'll eat at a cafe as I'm always out and about. For dinner, it's a simple stir-fry with veggies, tofu and a heap of tamari. Or a prawn pasta with a tomato base."


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


While promoting her Netflix film, Kate, Mary Elizabeth Winstead shared how she got in shape to do some of the stunts in the role. "Working with 87North, they give you a really good baseline in jiu jitsu," she said on Netflix's website. "Then they throw in boxing drills and things like that. And that's one of those examples, when I said I didn't really know that I was learning the choreography. It became: 'Ok, you're punching like we've been doing in these boxing drills. but with a knife in your hand this time.' So I'm using the proper power behind the force of the punch now it's a knife." They're just really smart, in terms of building it into your body in a way that you don't even realize what's happening."


Diana Lee Inosanto


In an interview with The Inner Circle, Diana Lee Inosanto shared some of her fitness and wellness secrets. "I love doing Yoga," she says. "I love writing and reflecting on my life. I also love taking long scenic walks by the ocean or hiking in outdoor places. I am a nature lover!"


David Tennant


In an interview with the DailyMail's Weekend Magazine, David Tennant talked about things people might not know about him. "I don't think very much about my public image," he revealed. "I once saw the same photo of me in two magazines in the same week. One had captioned it, 'This man knows how to dress!' The other said, 'What on earth is he wearing?' Ever since then, I've chosen to follow my own spirit."


Eman Esfandi


In an interview with Voyage LA, Eman Esfandi talked about his approach to acting, creating art, and making movies. "The end goal is to perpetuate a more understanding, empathetic, and selfless society through whichever means/medium possible. I hope one day I can look back on my work and feel confident knowing that it was always in pursuit of that goal. I hope one day you can look back on my work and feel anything at all."

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