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20 Amazing Bodies of CMA Award Winners

20 Amazing Bodies of CMA Award Winners

Discover the remarkable health and fitness journeys of 20 illustrious CMA Award winners, from Lainey Wilson's empowering message of body positivity to Lil Nas X's vocal care secrets. These artists not only shine on stage but also prioritize their well-being, embracing everything from strength training and outdoor sports to mindful eating and self-acceptance. Dive into their stories to find inspiration for your own path to health and happiness.


Lainey Wilson

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Lainey Wilson won three awards at the most recent ceremony. In an interview with New Beauty, she talked about wanting to be a role model for young girls. "Last year, there was actually a trend on TikTok where everybody was talking about my big ol' butt. And at first, I thought it was a little bit like, 'What in the world?' But then the bigger the trend got, I realized that there are so many women who have struggled with body image. It's really important to me to use my platform to lift those women up and encourage them to embrace their curves."


Carly Pearce

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Carly Pearce won Female Vocalist of The Year in 2021 and Musical Event of The Year in 2022. She revealed to that she likes putting protein powder in drinks. "I always have Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my coffee. I'm always on the go, there's so much moving around and working out, and this stuff keeps my joints healthy. It's good for your hair, skin, and nails. I usually brew my own hot coffee and then pour in two scoops and stir, stir stir. It's super clumpy if you don't stir. Then I put cream in my coffee."


Cody Johnson

Leah Puttkammer/FilmMagic

Cody Johnson won Single of The Year in 2022. He opened up about the importance of being authentic in the music industry to Woman's World. "You have to stand your ground. I had a big fat record deal sitting in front of me when they asked me to take my hat off and I turned it down. Now, at the time I was starving you know. Me and my wife didn't have anything and that was a hard pill to swallow. It's not an easy thing to do to stand up and say, 'I know who I am. I don't need you to tell me who I am. This is who I am.'"


Chris Stapleton

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Chris Stapleton has won Male Vocalist of The Year for the past three years. He tells GQ that has a more low-key approach to fame. "I'd be lying if I said that I don't like going out and playing a show to a full house of people. Especially when you've played for no people. That's the drug. But to be famous for the sake of being famous…. That was never the main want."


Kelsea Ballerini

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Kelsea Ballerini took home two awards at the 2021 ceremony. She revealed her fitness secrets with The Cut. "I have a trainer when I'm home in Nashville. Her name is Erin Oprea and she also trains Carrie Underwood and a bunch of other people. We do a lot of strength training and then when I'm on the road, we do circuits — sometimes with my band — or we'll go to a class that's close by, like if there's a Soul Cycle we'll go offsite to do that, which is really fun."


TJ Osborne

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

TJ Osborne is one half of Brothers Osborne, who won Vocal Duo of The Year for the past three years. Osborne is openly gay, and talked about coming out while being a part of the country music scene to Time. "You know that thing—stand for something or you'll fall for anything?" he says. "That sounds like something someone in country music would say. But if you stand for something and it's not what they stand for, then they hate it. I've done more than I ever thought I would. At this point, my happiness is more valuable than anything else I'd ever be able to achieve."


John Osborne


John Osborne is the other half of Brothers Osborne. He is open about his struggles with mental health. In a video on Twitter, he talked about how he manages his lower moments. "I learned to be OK with not being OK," he said. "Being OK with not being OK is just being patient with how you feel." He also says that performing is a big help.  "It allows me to express myself musically, but it [also] gets all of the feelings that I have inside out."


Luke Combs

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Luke Combs has won several CMA Awards, most recently winning Single of The Year. He revealed to Esquire that he did a lot of shows at bars, and says that this has really helped his career. "Playing all those shows was a huge benefit, because you figure out what works, what doesn't work—I mean, how do you even know if the crowd likes your song or not? I would encourage anybody to just play and play, in places where nobody's coming to buy a ticket to see you. It may not be as fast as a [social media] video, but once you get to the point you want to be at, you'll be glad that you did it."


Maren Morris

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Maren Morris won several awards at the 2020 and 2019 ceremonies. Like many country singers, Morris works with trainer Erin Opera, to help her stay in shape. In an interview with E! News, Opera revealed that Morris plays tennis when they aren't doing sessions. "She has been playing tennis. I encourage clients to do their cardio outside of me. Sports are always the best way because when you're chasing a ball, you're not thinking about cardio."


Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert won Music Video of The Year in 2020. She shared some of her favorite skincare products with E! News. "I like to use sunscreen under my makeup," she says. "I feel like the UV lights can be harsh on your skin, so I wear sunscreen all the time. That's my go-to beauty product in general. I also use tons of moisturizer, especially in Vegas. I love the True Botanicals face oil."


Geoff Sprung

Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

Geoff Sprung is a member of Old Dominion, who has won Vocal Group of The Year for the past five years. He likes to spend a lot of time outside, and shares a lot of outdoor photos on Instagram. One thing Sprung likes to do is go running. He shared this set of photos of himself running in different places in Saint Augustine, Florida. Sprung captioned it, "Experiencing every running terrain thanks to @fl.stateparks today!"


Matthew Ramsey

Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

Matthew Ramsey is another member of Old Dominion. He talked about how the group works together with People. "We all respect what the other ones bring to the table," says Ramsey. "It really is just this super-crazy brainstorm session. There's a lot of speaking and a lot of listening going on at the same time. And then somehow you turn around at some point and you have a song. It doesn't feel like there's someone who leads the charge all the time creatively. We're a true band in that sense."


Shay Mooney

Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

Shay Mooney is a member of Dan + Shay, who won Vocal Duo of The Year in 2018 and 2019. He notably lost a lot of weight. Mooney opened up about this journey in an Instagram video, captioning it, "I got to a place mentally and physically that I will never go again. It matters what we eat. It matters who you spend your time with. It matters what you choose to spend your time on."


Trevor Rosen

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Trevor Rosen is another member of Old Dominion. He talked about finding the group's authentic sound with People. "It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times that we've tried a song and said, 'I don't think this necessarily sounds like us,'" he says. "And then we record it and I'm like, 'Man, that's really different.' And then people tell us, 'It sounds like an Old Dominion song.' When we come together and whatever choices we make, it just always ends up sounding like an Old Dominion song, which is a very freeing thing for us, because it gives us a lot of freedom to do anything we like."


Eric Church/slidetitle]
Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

Eric Church won Entertainer of The Year in 2020. He tells Men's Journal that he loves to spend time outside. "I'm an outdoors guy, so I love to fish and I love to get outside," he said. "I have a little cabin place in Tennessee, and I like to go there to be miles away from anyone. I got a little amp in there, and I'll open up the windows and I'll just play. I'm playing to the woods, but it's a great way to blow off steam and not think about all the other stuff going on."

[slidetitle num="16"]Kacey Musgraves

Getty Images

Kacey Musgraves won two awards in 2019. Musgraves is known for having amazing hair, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared some of her favorite products with Glamour. "I love the Oribé hair line, especially their Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. That's my favorite. I'm also loving a good leave-in moisturizing hair mask called Goldwell Dual Senses Just Smooth."


Blake Shelton

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Blake Shelton won Single of The Year in 2019. He revealed that his New Year's Resolution is to cut back on alcohol to Entertainment Tonight. "I haven't managed to stop drinking yet," said Shelton. "Even cutting back has been hard. I mean, it's a resolution though. And I'll say it again right now — that's my New Year's resolution. To either cut back or stop drinking altogether. Let's just say I said it."


Ashley McBryde

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Ashley McBryde won Musical Event of The Year in 2022. In an interview with CBS News, she talked about how her career started. McBryde said that she had to deal with some setbacks, and learned that she had to stay true to herself in order to find success. "You do have to play the game a little bit or nobody's going to listen to you … but I think we played the game too much and it came across as ingenuine," McBryde said. "And it was a cool lesson for me, too, because I found out that unless I'm just unapologetically who I am, I really suck at pretending to be someone else."


Lee Brice

Jason Davis/Getty Images

Lee Brice won Musical Event of The Year in 2020. He talked about his career and his goals in an interview with The Regina Leader Post. "I never reach a point where I'm like 'This is it,'" Brice said. "I'm still always striving for more and better … but I do look up all the time and go, 'Wow!' I try to soak those moments in."


Lil Nas X

VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images

Lil Nas X won Musical Event of The Year in 2019 for "Old Town Road." He shared his secrets for taking care of his voice with Men's Health. "I stopped smoking two years ago, that's definitely helped vocally. Even in the studio, performance wise. I also work out a few times a week so I can stay strong, and I do a lot of rehearsals when I'm building up for a show. All of that helps me stay in good shape."

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