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15 Amazing Bodies of Days of Our Lives Stars

This is how they stay well.

In the glamorous world of "Days of Our Lives," the stars not only captivate us with their acting skills but also inspire us with their amazing bodies. In this revealing glimpse into the fitness routines and wellness secrets of some of your favorite soap opera actors, you'll discover how they maintain their enviable physique. From healthy eating habits to diverse workout routines, these stars share their tips and tricks for staying in top shape. Join us as we explore the lifestyles of Raven Bowens, Lauren Koslow, Camila Banus, and many more, and get ready to be motivated and inspired by the dedication and discipline of these "Days of Our Lives" icons.


Raven Bowens


Raven Bowens plays the character Chanel Dupree. She talked about her wellness secrets with Soap Opera Digest. Bowens revealed her typical diet, and she eats pretty healthy. "I'll have a green tea in the morning. When I'm working, I'm usually rushing, so I'll have a spinach, egg white, feta and sun-dried tomato wrap that I get at Starbucks. For lunch, when I'm working, I'll go to the Whole Foods across the street. I'll usually have chicken and broccoli — that's the vegetable that I love — and probably potatoes, too. I'll either have that or a turkey bacon avocado sandwich on ciabatta. A typical dinner on a good day is chicken, rice and vegetables, or salmon, rice and vegetables. For snacks, I like Tosi SuperBites; the cashew coconut ones. They sell them at Whole Foods. I also always have almonds in my dressing room and mixed nuts with cranberries."


Lauren Koslow


Lauren Koslow plays the role of Kate Roberts. She and her co-stars shared their diet and exercise tips with Soap Opera Digest. "In terms of exercise and diet, I find it helps to think in terms of health and wellness and not necessarily in terms of weight," Koslow said. "Make it a decision to be in the most healthy condition that you can be in. Some of the tips along that line, especially if you're thinking about a plant-based or more healthy diet, is when you're at the supermarket, read labels. Also, try to shop the outside aisles of the market, where they have fruits and vegetables, and stay away from processed foods. Try to shop organic, when you can, or sustainable or local."


Camila Banus


Camila Banus plays Gabi Hernandez. She also shared her fitness secrets with Soap Opera Digest. "I've noticed my workouts are far more effective, if I write out a list. For some, it may be on their phone. For some, it may be on their tablet. I personally like to have a paper written out with little boxes I can check off as soon as I get that exercise done. I feel super-complete and super-rewarded that I finished my workout for the day."


Jessica Serfaty


Jessica Sefaty plays Sloan Petersen. She talked about her workout secrets with Soap Opera Digest. "I have a trainer, and I love doing Pilates and hot yoga; I like taking dance, boxing and spin classes. I'm in and out of the gym in an hour. It's an easy goal. You can do almost anything with resistance bands. Ankle weights are also good. That's all you need if you're going to do something at your house."


Carson Boatman


Carson Boatman plays Johnny DiMera on the show. He talked about his fitness routine with Soap Opera Digest. "I used to go to the gym six days a week and was working one-to-two muscle groups a day, lifting [weights] pretty heavy and intensely. I'm trying to lean down a bit, lose a little bit of mass. So I'm working out four days a week, maybe five, and instead of isolating muscle groups, every workout is more full body mixed with a little HIIT cardio. It stands for high intensity interval training."


Aketra Sevillian

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Aketra Sevillian plays Talia Hunter on the show. She shared her secrets for working out on a consistent basis with Soap Opera Digest. "It helps to set goals and start off small. Try to do 30 minutes a day in the gym, or go three times a week. Don't try to go every day and stay for an hour. That's not going to make it fun. Try to make the gym fun, because if you make it fun, you'll want to go back. I try to keep it simple. If I can't get to see my trainer, I have a gym at my apartment. I'll go down for a few minutes, get on the treadmill and listen to a podcast or an audio book. I also have a dog, Zola. She helps keep me active for sure. I have to take her on walks every day. Make exercise fun and set two realistic goals for yourself a month, and try to help keep yourself accountable. Also, grab a partner. Grab a friend. Working out with somebody is always fun."


Christopher Sean

Christopher Sean plays the role of Paul Narita, and returned to the series this year. He tells Soap Opera Digest that he likes to switch up his workouts. "Monday through Friday, I do different push-and-pull exercises. Yesterday I did shoulders and back. Today, I'll be doing biceps and back. The reason I'm changing the exercises every week is because it's something known as 'muscle confusion'. The body adapts so quickly that the best transformations happen with the most uncomfortability. So you must continuously shock your body and keep it uncomfortable."


Remington Hoffman


Remington Hoffman plays the role of Li Shin. He tells Soap Opera Digest that swimming is one of his favorite exercises. "I swim laps for about 45 minutes to an hour once a week. When I'm doing really well, I do that two or three times a week. If anybody wants to do something that's more simple to generally get into good shape, I would say that swimming is definitely number one. You get a sort of runner's high, a rush of endorphins. Also, you're less likely to get injured in a pool than doing any other sport, which is really important if you want to lose weight or be in shape long-term. It builds lean muscle. It burns fat. It's also a cardiovascular activity that uses your full body."


Brandon Beemer


Brandon Beemer played Sean Douglas Brady on the show. He talked about his approach to diet and eating to Soap Opera Digest. "What you put into your body, you have to put out in energy and activity. That's how I keep a balance. If I want to eat bad, I feel like I have to earn it before I decide to eat bad, instead of saying, 'I need to work it off' after I eat something [unhealthy]. So get ahead of it first and earn it."


Galen Gering


Galen Gering plays the role of Rafe Hernandez on the show. He shared his diet secrets with Soap Opera Digest. "One of the other main keys for me is not eating past 7:00 at night, and I'll eat a light dinner. Then I'll usually wake up hungry, which is great, and I'll have a good breakfast. And you want to eat healthy, clean food, obviously. You don't want to be putting fried or processed food in your body. It's not only full of saturated fats, but it's going to slow your machine down. We don't want that. We want our metabolism to rev up. We want to put things that are natural into our body."


Eric Martsoff

John M. Heller/Getty Images

Eric Martsoff plays the role of Brady Black. He shared some of his wellness secrets in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. "I don't believe in diets," Martsoff said. "I don't believe in depriving yourself of anything. I'm a believer in moderation, which means I enjoy my cocktail at night, but I pay for it in the morning during my workout."


Victoria Konefal


Victoria Konefal played Ciara Brady on the show. She shared her workout secrets with Soap Opera Digest. "I go to the gym every day for at least an hour. I hate cardio, so my go-to for that is the Stairmaster, because it gets my cardio done very quickly. It also works out my quads and my glutes, so it's two birds with one stone. When I get to the gym, I head to that machine first. Then I play around with free weights. It also depends on what I'm focusing on that day, whether it's a leg day or arm day or ab day. I switch up the routine. For leg day, I do variations of squats and dead lifts. For arms, I'll do kickboxing — that's always good, or the rowing machine or pull-ups and push-ups. For abs, I do the Ab Ripper X, which is an online video for abs, specifically. It's 15 minutes and over 300 different ab movements."


Abigail Klein


Abigail Klein is the latest actress to play Stephanie Johnson. She talked about her workout secrets with Soap Opera Digest. "I love doing at-home Pilates. I subscribe to this Pilates instructor, Tasha Franken. I try to do a Pilates video three or four times a week. If I have a lot of energy, I'll do a 40-minute one. If I'm waiting for dinner to cook and just have a little energy, I'll do a 10-minute ab routine. I find that so much less daunting than going to a gym and figuring out what all the equipment is. Also, every day I like to do a long walk. I also just bought one of those little mini stair steppers. Now that it's colder and the sun is setting earlier, on days when I'm getting home from work late, I can throw on my TV and do a little [stairstepping workout]."


Linsey Godfrey


Linsey Godfrey is the most recent actress to play Sarah Horton. Godfrey is open about her mental health and having bipolar disorder. In a video, she said that she wanted to reduce the stigma around bipolar and other mental health disorders. "There is such a terrible stigma around those of us that may deal with mental health disorders. We aren't broken, we aren't unhinged, our brains just work differently. We aren't any less capable of being anything that a person without these or any other disorders can be."


Arianne Zucker


Arianne Zucker has played Nicole Walker since 1998. She also has her own website and blog. In this post, Zucker talked about her fitness. "I will share this with you. I can't stand the gym. I will do anything else, but go to the gym. I did work out with an amazing trainer for 3 years, so that he taught me a lot. I bought my own weights for home, so I could at least work out my arms while watching a movie or listening to a great podcast like Everything From A to Z. Shameless plug. I also just recently started working out with a system called TAPfit. It's like these taps shoes that fit over your work out shoes and you can do a tap dance work out with it. I love tap dancing and I thought this was a fun way for me to do both."

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