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11 Amazing Bodies of Jessica Biel and Friends

This is how they stay so in shape.

Jump into the personal wellness journeys of actress Jessica Biel and her remarkable circle of friends, encompassing stars from various facets of the entertainment industry. Each segment of the article highlights the unique approach these individuals take towards maintaining their health, fitness, and overall well-being. From Jessica Biel's skincare routine, simplified to essentials by her makeup artist Daniel Martin, to the dietary transformations of Beverley Mitchell, Biel's co-star from "7th Heaven," this article offers a diverse array of personal stories and strategies. It includes insights into Jennifer Garner's minimalist skincare routine, Joey Fatone's weight loss journey, and Lance Bass's fitness adaptations as a new parent. Read on.


Jessica Biel

Biel's makeup artist, Daniel Martin, shared her skincare secrets and favorite products with Refinery29. "There's not a ton of moving parts when it comes to Jessica's skin-care prep," Martin said. "It's basically two parts: toning and moisturizing. To start, I love this Mario Badescu lavender toner because it's calming and gives the skin a balanced refresh."


Beverley Mitchell


Beverley Mitchell was Biel's co-star on 7th Heaven, and the two have remained best friends. Mitchell shared her diet secrets and changes in this blog post. "My stomach has always been an issue for me, growing up I always had horrible stomach aches. Nothing I ate ever settled with me and I was always sick. Years ago I finally went to a doctor and found out that my body struggled with many different foods. I instantly cut all problem foods out of my diet and noticed instantly a huge change."


Jennifer Garner

One of Biel's closest friends is Jennifer Garner. In an interview with InStyle, Garner talked about her skincare routine. "My skincare routine takes about 90 seconds at the most. I think I spend longer brushing my teeth than I spend doing my skincare routine. I would rather have it be something that I can do consistently every single night without fail than feeling like I've got to get set up to put moisturizer on."


Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone is a close friend of Biel's and her husband's, Justin Timberlake. He talked about his weight loss secrets to OK! Magazine. "I hate working out so there's a nice good jump start to really start my journey into getting back into like being healthy and working out and stuff like that again. And I think it definitely does, because you've seen the results now. And I don't wanna screw that up."


Lance Bass

Lance Bass/Instagram

Lance Bass is another of Biel and Timberlake's friends. He shared how his workouts have changed since becoming a parent to Bustle, and shared his favorite new machine. "I just got a Tonal machine, and it completely changed my life. Even if I only have 10 minutes, I can go to my bedroom and lift a little and I feel better. Plus, it comes with virtual trainers, so I can get workouts tailored to my shoulder and knee injuries."


Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is friends with Biel. She shared some of her wellness secrets with The Cut, and revealed that she loves the Atkins diet. "I'm not really good at dieting and I just think that for me, that word is setting myself up to not succeed. So really, the Atkins lifestyle has allowed me to not feel deprived, and to keep my energy level up throughout my crazy, crazy day. I feel healthier while I'm trying to balance it all."


Chelsea Handler

Biel's friend, Chelsea Handler, shared her wellness and life secrets with Byrdie. "I'm focusing on the macro, instead of the micro—focusing on spreading joy and light… and focusing on skiing, that's very important to my well-being, because I love to ski more than anything else. And focusing on travel and doing the work that you know, work that's meaningful to me. Spreading good messages, not taking my platform for granted in any way. Everything I do is with that in mind to actually make a contribution rather than doing something that's just going to get me more money."


Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is another of Biel's friends. She talked about developing a skincare routine to TODAY. "What actually got me out of that decade cycle, was [saying] 'OK, I'm just gonna stop everything, I'm going to stop all the actives and I'm just going to gently exfoliate my skin and moisturize every day.' And I realized actually putting moisture back into my skin was what it needed, because my skin barrier was so imbalanced."


Melanie Lynskey


Melanie Lynskey worked with Biel on Candy. Lynskey is open about her struggles with body image and insecurities, and talked about how she deals with it to InStyle. "Sometimes, I get tired of hearing about my body, even when it is positive. I just, you know, feel like I need a break from thinking about it and hearing about it and I think all women feel that way."


Pablo Schrieber

Pablo Schrieber worked with Biel on Candy as well. He shared how he got in shape for his role in Halo to Men's Health. "I have a great trainer, Eddie Raburn, who I've been working with since [2018 heist movie] Den of Thieves. We attacked this one in some familiar ways and some new ways. I'm 44 years old now, and every day that passes, things get a little bit harder, so there's a lot more focus on recovery and mobility in addition to the usual routine of just eating a lot and lifting a lot of weights."


Raul Esparza

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Raul Esparza is another of Biel's Candy co-stars. In an interview with Token Theatre Friends, Esparza argued for more complex representation of Latin characters. "I think Latinx culture feels too varied and too multiple to be contained. And people in Hollywood especially—I feel a little bit less so with the theater because the theater is a physical place where talent can really blossom, talented people can come in the room and kind of blow you away and they'll get hired, hopefully. With Hollywood, I think that there are constant efforts to put people in boxes because it is easier, because you are casting personalities, types. And I think that also, in American culture, there is such a constant interest in things being Black and white, yay or nay, A or B, and there's no room for complexity. And that means there's no room for complexity in human experience either. There's no room for the difficult explanations."

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