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15 Amazing Bodies of Lindsay Lohan and Friends

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Uncover the wellness routines of Lindsay Lohan and her friends in this fascinating series. From Lohan's cooking habits and early bedtime to Amanda Seyfried's flexible workout regime, each slide reveals unique health and self-care practices. Lizzy Caplan discusses privacy, Lacey Chabert shares relaxation techniques, and Rachel McAdams talks skincare. Jonathan Bennett, Ashlee Simpson, and others also feature, offering insights into fitness, post-pregnancy health, and embracing body positivity. Each celebrity brings their own approach to wellness, painting a diverse picture of health and self-care in the limelight.


Lindsay Lohan


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Lindsay Lohan shared her wellness secrets. "I cook a lot. I follow this @EatingHealthyToday Instagram and they do these really great healthy meals. I cook a lot of Italian. I do a lot of pastas. I do a lot of an Arabic dish called machboos. It's chicken with rice and vegetables. I do a really good borscht soup. I also go to bed really early. 9:30."


Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried starred with Lohan in Mean Girls, and they recently reunited for an advertisement. In an interview, Seyfried talked about her workouts. "As for the exercise I do, that's really down to how I feel and, like everyone else on the planet, how much time I've got. So that could be using a skipping rope, a bike, a running machine… anything. And when I'm in the zone, I'm in it… which makes up for the times when I'm not, because that really sucks."


Lizzy Caplan


Lizzy Caplan also starred with Lohan in Mean Girls. In an interview with Grazia, Caplan talked about her decision to live a private life. "There was definitely a period of time, probably around 2016, where it was starting to feel mandatory that if you were an actor, you had to also have this social media presence," she says. "I managed to avoid it and I still am happy that I did. I do think that it makes the job more difficult. The more people know you and have opinions about you as a person, the harder it is for you to be believable as you disappear into a role."


Lacey Chabert


Lacey Chabert starred alongside Lohan in Mean Girls, and also reunited with Lohan and Seyfried for the ad. Chabert shared her self-care secrets with New Beauty. "I recently tried a microcurrent treatment and liked it a lot. It left my skin feeling soft and lifted. I love taking a hot bubble bath with Epsom salt to relax. I also find that being outside and taking a long walk while listening to my favorite music helps me to relax. Being outside in nature always helps clear my head."


Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams is another of Lohan's Mean Girls co-stars. In 2014, she shared her skincare secrets with Allure. "I use a seaweed mask [Fresh Sea Plant Mask] by Chicet that I really love. It dries, and then it's really fun to pick off the pieces of seaweed, which is totally disgusting, and I can't believe I just told you that."


Jonathan Bennett


Jonathan Bennett not only starred with Lohan in Mean Girls, he also played Celebrity Big Brother with her mom, Dina. Bennett shared some of his fitness secrets in an interview with Millennium Magazine. "I'm especially a group fitness junkie. I like to do boot camp, spinning or cycle."


Ashlee Simpson


After having her second child, Lohan's friend Ashlee Simpson made sure to get in shape. Simpson's trainer, Ramona Braganza, shared her secrets with People. "Having a hands on daddy like Evan proved to be a big motivation," Braganza says. "Taking turns watching his daughter as his wife worked out, prepping some post-workout snacks and performing nighttime daddy duty proved to be a big part in Ashlee's weight loss success."


Nicole Richie


Lohan's friend, Nicole Richie, shared her self-care secrets in an interview with SELF. "There are so many messages out there that you have to do it all," she said. "Everyone's doing a million things, and we have to realize that self-care and rest is just as important, and you have to have that in order to be the best version of yourself. Something that [Harlow and I] talk about quite often—and even more so now with my kids in virtual school—is that having time to unplug is so important. That's something that I feel like my whole family and I have been constantly having to discuss this whole past year."


Kate Bosworth


Lohan is friends with actress Kate Bosworth. She talked about the evolution of her fitness routine in an interview with SELF. "I had a hard time with my exercise routine because I felt like it had to be an hour, and it had to be really rigorous and intense," Bosworth said. "Then, I realized you can go down and get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and you've done something."


Eva Mendes


Lohan's friend, Eva Mendes, is all about celebrating body-positivity. In an interview with Shape, she talked about her clothing line, which had many different sizes. "There are diverse body types in my family. One of my sisters is very voluptuous; the other one is skinny. It was really important to me to create a clothing line that embraces all those differences."


Mischa Barton


Lohan is friends with actress Mischa Barton. During the pandemic, Barton opened up about her at-home workouts to Us Weekly."Training has been a main focus during lockdown," she said. "It keeps me sane and busy…I love being able to do something that makes me feel so centered and good in all the craziness out there in the world at the moment. Yoga classes was one of the first things I missed the most."


Kate Moss


One of Lohan's friends is supermodel Kate Moss. In an interview with The Guardian, Moss revealed that she has started taking her fitness seriously. "I'm at very early stages, but I've joined a gym and all that, and it's made me feel really good. I worked out for an hour every consecutive day for a couple of weeks and it was enough that I really started to see the benefits, which I'd never really done before. I always thought 'this is agony, I'm not coming back. This is torture'. But this time I just kind of pushed through. I honestly lost an inch off my waist in about 10 days. Now I really enjoy it."


Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis starred with Lohan in the film Freaky Friday. In an interview with The Today Show, Curtis talked about what she wanted her daughters to learn from her. "Happiness is a tricky word because life is pain," she said. "I want them to be satisfied. I want them to feel that what they're doing matters, that what they're doing has value."


Hayden Panittierre


Lohan is friends with fellow child actress, Hayden Panittiere. In an interview with New Beauty, Panittierre shared some of her skincare secrets. "I've learned to wash my face with cold water because of the pores—anything you want to get into your pores, you must open with steam first by warming your skin. I usually use this one in the shower because it's the perfect time. My pores are open, I wash my face with the cleanser, and, sometimes, I do it twice." 


Paris Hilton


Lohan and Paris Hilton were famous friends during the 2000s. In an interview with Vogue, Hilton revealed that she does regular health tests. "Health and wellness is very important to me – I recently invested in a company named Viome. Using their at home testing kits you can analyse your health down to the molecular level to get personalised nutrition recommendations and supplements made uniquely for you. I love products that help people demystify their health through incredible science and technology."

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