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15 Amazing Bodies of Taylor Swift's Opening Acts

Look what you made them do.

Sneak a peek into the personal wellness journeys of the talented artists who have shared the stage with Taylor Swift. From Hayley Williams of Paramore discussing her disciplined eating habits to Shawn Mendes' insights on the power of vulnerability, each artist offers a unique perspective. Camila Cabello reveals her hair care secrets, while Este Haim from HAIM shares her indispensable skincare routine. Charli XCX emphasizes the importance of fitness in her energetic performances, and Ed Sheeran opens up about his documentary's exploration of universal human experiences. 


Hayley Williams

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Hayley Williams is the frontwoman of Paramore. The band recently opened for Swift on The Eras Tour. She is open about her struggles with an eating disorder, and talked about how she is healing to People. "The most important thing for me lately is eating at a consistent time. Breakfast is at a similar time every day, lunch or dinner. When I'm anxious, I don't really eat very much. So that is part of my daily discipline of taking care of myself and grounding myself, making good food and sitting down, enjoying it."


Taylor York


Taylor York is another member of Paramore. He and his bandmates talked about the struggles they've had to The Guardian. "I'm not in the camp that thinks you have to suffer to make good art, but I don't understand how you can make something that is truly authentic in a collaborative environment without tension. We're getting better and better at dealing with that."


Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes opened for Swift on The 1989 World Tour. In an interview with GQ, he talked about the importance of vulnerability to him. "It opens the door up for softness and sweetness and support. I really just want to be someone who drops his guards and hopefully inspires others to do the same."


Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello opened up for Swift on The Reputation Stadium Tour. She shared her secrets for incredible hair in an interview with Bustle. "I wash probably every two or three days, just because it's better for you to let those oils sink in. I brush [my hair] with one of those brushes that have the really strong bristles [that] almost kind of hurt. It's so good for your scalp and it stimulates hair growth."


Este Haim

Este Haim is one of the members of the group HAIM, which has opened for Swift on both The 1989 and Eras tours. She talked about her skincare routine to Glamour. "Eye cream is really important. We all have really bad baggage under our eyes constantly—it's hereditary. All three of us use the Barbara Sturm eye cream. It works like a charm and is saving my life. My mom was like, "Make sure you use your eye cream—I've been there."


Alana Haim

Alana Haim is another member of HAIM. She shared her favorite workout in the same Glamour interview. "Dance, dance, dance! Give me a Jazzercise, give me a Fosse jazz class. We've been doing Ryan Heffington's class that he posts on Instagram from time to time."


Danielle Haim

Danielle Haim is the third member of the band HAIM. In an interview with The Independent, Haim and her sisters talked about their mental health. She says that she has started seeing a therapist. "Sometimes it's OK to be like, 'You know what, I'm going to talk about this with my therapist, I'm not going to share with the class.'"


Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers was an opening act on The Eras Tour. She revealed to New York Magazine that she loves supplements, specifically the Moon Juice SuperYou ones. "They're super expensive, but they contain so much stuff. They're one of the few supplements I've taken where I feel an immediate benefit. I'm pretty square — two glasses of wine has me on my ass — so maybe it's just me being extra sensitive, but they make me feel so much better. When I take them I feel a little happier and a little less stressed. They're a perfect dose of serotonin. You can have them on an empty stomach, but I have breakfast before taking a truly sick amount of supplements, including two of these."


Charli XCX


Charli XCX was one of the openers for Taylor's Reputation Stadium Tour. She opened up about the importance of exercise to her career to Forbes. "I perform in a really high octane and energetic type of way. So, for me, it's important to keep fit. Also, I find that if I don't exercise, I feel less awake. I try to workout five times a week because it really lifts my mood and makes me feel more positive. It's important for me to stay balanced."


Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler not only collaborated with Swift on "Best Days of Your Lives", she also opened for her on the Fearless Tour. She shared her haircare secrets with StyleCaster. "Kevin Murphy has a really, really great hair mask. There are times where my hair just looks like a crispy French fry, and I sleep with it on. You put that on and you don't have to do anything — you can use any type of conditioner. Just put that on and sleep with it on and that really helps. That mask is just really thick, so it's very hydrating for your hair."


Ed Sheeran

Swift has a longtime personal and professional relationship with Ed Sheeran, and he opened for her on the Red Tour. He talked about his documentary, The Sum of It All to Billboard. "I never wanted to make a documentary that was like, 'Sad pop star and feel sorry for sad pop star,'" Sheeran says. "And what I think is really great about the documentary is the themes that it explores. Everyone goes through the fear of sickness in the family. Everyone goes through grief. Everyone goes through ups and downs in their mental health."


James Bay

James Bay was an opening act on The 1989 World Tour. During an episode of Apple Music's At Home With…, Bay revealed that he started working out during the pandemic. "I've been working out. Like actual weights and cardio and stuff – for the first time in my life really. I was never one to go to the gym, ever. I played football once or twice a week, quite religiously, before lockdown. But now I'm doing HIIT sessions and everything. I feel great, can't see why I'd ever stop."


Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter opened for Swift during the Latin American leg of the Eras Tour. She talked about her skincare to Marie Claire. "Skincare is my time to myself every day that I feel is really important, and definitely enhances my mood. I've been doing the same thing for a long time, but it's just like a normal skincare routine: cleanser and toner and sunscreen. Every time I do it, I automatically feel a lot better, and it makes me feel a little bit more centered. I usually try to find really good vitamin C products as well. I just started using this vitamin C serum from 111SKIN, and it's really, really lovely. I would say all the rollers and the sculptors—I try sometimes (if I have more time), but most of the time I'm lucky that I get my initial skincare in."


Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian was an opening act on Swift's Red Tour. He shared some of his fitness secrets with the Daily Telegraph. "In the last few years I have developed a pretty serious obsession with golf — it's great on so many levels, being outdoors, the concentration, when you can play with friends — the company, and of course, the exercise. So whether I can fit in 18 holes, a quick 9 or a half-hour at the driving range, focusing on golf for a little while helps me get through the rest of the day."


Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge was another opener on The Red Tour. He talked about what he does to eat healthy on the road to Delish. "I try to be very disciplined when I'm on the road. I'll start with a protein shake mix, add in a little peanut butter powder, a banana, blueberries, and some almond milk."

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