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10 Amazing Bodies of The Crown Stars

Uncover The Crown stars' wellness & fitness secrets!

Discover the intriguing fitness and wellness secrets of 'The Crown' stars as we delve into the personal health journeys and routines of the talented cast, revealing how they maintain their physical and mental well-being amidst the demands of portraying historical figures. From Claire Foy's candid discussion on managing anxiety to Olivia Colman's transformative fitness approach, each slide offers a unique glimpse into their lives. Learn about Matt Smith's stunt challenges, Tobias Menzies' tennis obsession, Vanessa Kirby's diet preferences, and more. Here's how these renowned actors stay fit, healthy, and balanced.


Claire Foy


Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth ll on the first two seasons. She opened up about having anxiety to The Guardian. "It's plateaued," she says. "All your shit – and everybody has shit – it doesn't go away. It's still there, but I guess I don't believe it so much any more. I used to think that this was my lot in life, to be anxious. And that I would struggle and struggle and struggle with it, and that it would make me quite miserable, and that I'd always be restricted. But now I'm able to disassociate myself from it more. I know that it's just something I have – and that I can take care of myself."


Olivia Colman


Olivia Colman played Queen Elizabeth ll on the third and fourth seasons. She works with trainer, Dalton Wong, to help her stay in shape. "Dalton has changed the way I look at fitness and nutrition," Colman told Harper's Bazaar. "He's been an absolute rock to me and helped me change my body shape completely. He definitely delivers."


Matt Smith


Matt Smith played Prince Phillip on the first two seasons. He currently stars on House of The Dragon, and he tells The Hollywood Reporter that he does his own stunts on the show. "There's a lot of stunts involved, and that was challenging over quite a long period. It's a big 10-month shoot. So physically, it was really draining. But there are those big scenes where you sit around the table that are quite challenging because there's so many characters to cover and it takes days and you've got to remain sharp and focused."


Tobias Menzies


Tobias Menzies played Prince Phillip on the third and fourth seasons. He tells The Guardian that he likes to play tennis. "When I started playing again, I thought, 'OK, I'm going to do my 10,000 hours, I'm going to start again.' I'm monomaniacal, I get slightly obsessive. I don't get bored by hitting forehands for six months, that's just how my brain is."


Vanessa Kirby


Vanessa Kirby played Princess Margaret on the first two seasons. She talked about her diet secrets to Harper's Bazaar. "I don't eat first thing in the morning. I used to. I always used to have a really early rye bread with avocado, but now I've gotten really into smoothies."


Helena Bonham Carter


Helena Bonham Carter played Princess Margaret on seasons three and four. She revealed to Stylist that she and her husband like to cook, and shared some of their meals. "I make mean roast chicken, which is not exactly a dish. I'm quite good at cooking a piece of meat with a lovely sauce. I love sauces. Tim, unfortunately, does not – he likes simple things. His perfect dish is pasta. A very simple caprese. That's all. You just dump it on the pasta and he's very happy."


Victoria Hamilton

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Victoria Hamilton played Queen Elizabeth on the first two seasons. She talked about being an older actress to The Guardian. "I think there's never been a better time to be an actress over 40. They really are starting to write fully rounded protagonist roles for women who aren't 35. I never thought, at 48, I'd be doing a job that had a love story written into it. If you'd told me that 10 years ago, my jaw would have been on the floor. Your fuckability quotient – wait, you can't put that in an article."


Erin Doherty


Erin Doherty played Princess Anne on seasons three and four. She revealed to The Guardian that she stays away from social media. "Social media makes me really nervous. I hold it at arm's length, and only really use it for work purposes. I'm really proud of the projects I've done. I'll do anything to help those. But with personal stuff, I don't get involved because it's just terrifying."


Gillian Anderson


Gillian Anderson played Margeret Thatcher in season four. She told InStyle that she has a good sense of humor about herself. "The business I'm in sometimes takes itself very seriously, and it's easy to take oneself seriously in this business. I've found that the way to survive is to not do that. Part of that is finding ways to allow rejection to roll off your back. You have to keep showing up and moving forward — even after not-great reviews or a flop — and maintain a sense of humor. Of course, there are certain things I don't take lightly at all. I have less of a sense of a humor around emotional stuff and relationships."


Emerald Fennell


Emerald Fennell played Camilla Parker Bowles in seasons three and four. She talked about her career and success in an interview. "I'm very aware that part of my luck was that I had parents who lived in London who were able to support me. I have to work really hard because that head start that people like me get, you need to prove you deserved it."

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