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7 Amazing Bodies of The Haunting of Hill House Stars

The Haunting of Hill House kicked off Mike Flanagan's streak of supernatural horror in terrific fashion. It was gorgeous. Frightening. And it starred some of the most appealing actors ever to be scared stiff. How do they stay so fit? Flanagan's fave Carla Gugino loves yoga. Oliver Jackson-Cohen keeps his skincare routine simple. And Kate Siegel has a special trick she uses to center herself in each scene. Read on to discover how these celebs stay centered.


Michiel Huisman

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Michel Huisman played the older Steven Crain. He shared his fitness secrets in an interview with InStyle. "I work out on playgrounds at 6 in the morning," he says. "I did work with a trainer for a long time but not anymore. I don't have time for it, so I just do it wherever I can. Body weight."


Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino played Olivia Crain. She shared her go-to exercises in an interview with Coveteur. "I've been doing yoga since I was 13. It's great because I can do it in a hotel room anywhere I am. I'm really into Barre3 in the West Village, it's such a kick-ass class. If I'm in New York I'm doing Barre3 and SoulCycle. If I'm in L.A., I'm hiking and swimming."


Henry Thomas


Henry Thomas played the younger Hugh Crain. He has been acting since he was young, and talked about having to cut off his mother from managing his career to The DailyMail. "I felt a bit of pressure to not fully invest myself in that world and to stay grounded in home life. Then my mum became critical, so when I was getting supporting roles she would say 'I don't know why you're not on the poster. Talk to your people. It was conflicting. But by the time I was 17 I had frozen them out and I said: 'I'm going to do it and I don't need your help and you're just holding me back.'"


Oliver Jackson-Cohen

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Oliver Jackson-Cohen played older Luke Crain. He shared his skincare routine in an interview with GQ. "I try to keep my skincare as simple as possible," he said. "I don't wash my face with anything apart from water. In the winter, once out of the shower, I will occasionally spray Valmont Hydrating Fluid if it's particularly dry, followed by Ceramiracle First Light Serum. It's very hydrating so I don't always need a moisturiser. If I do, Crème De La Mer moisturising cream has been a long staple and is excellent."


Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel played the older Theo Crain on the show. She shared her secrets for staying calm on sets with Collider. "Anything that puts me more in my head separates me from the moment-to-moment reality of acting, so any kind of meditation or things like that puts me more into my head. And so the things I like to do are kind of two-fold. One is, that part of my brain that's always kind of fumbling with the Rubik's Cube of the scene, I think is beneficial. I love her. I used to hate her, but now I love her, and so what I'll do is I'll give her something arbitrary to think about."


Victoria Pedretti

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Victoria Pedretti played the older Nell Crain Vance on the show. She shared her favorite self-care rituals with Byrdie. "I do yoga, for sure. I'm not necessarily working to gain a tremendous amount of muscle. I do yoga because I want to have access to my body for a long time. I've also been working on doing different forms of facial massage because I use my face a lot in my work. Doing these habits has a large effect on my mental health. I think working on our minds without working on our bodies is only doing half the work."


Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish played Clara Dudley on the show. She revealed to Sportify It that she does a lot of at-home workouts. "My Peleton changed my world. I don't have to park. I can make dinner and workout while it's cooking. I can workout whenever I want. We can parent and workout in our home. Even with that, I do yoga. I hike. We take our dogs for a work all the time.  I workout 4-5 days a week, not every day. Having the time to workout is a luxury, but we also make it a priority."

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