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Amelia Hamlin in Swimsuit Says "Hi" in New Post

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Amelia Hamlin is grabbing attention in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post the model flaunts her fit figure in a deep red bathing suit. "Hi," she captioned the sexy modeling pic. "Hi my youngest child," her mother, Lisa Rinna commented. "Beautiful angel," added another. How does the celebrity spawn approach health and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Being Open About Her Body Image Issues

Amelia opened up about her eating disorder to Glamour. "When I first started struggling with anorexia, I loved when friends would comment on my weight. I have a distinct memory of running into a friend at the mall, right outside Victoria's Secret. She put her hand on my waist and was like, 'Oh, my God, Amelia, you're so skinny, you need to stop!" I loved those comments. They felt amazing, as psycho as that sounds. It was this feeling that fed my eating disorder," she said. 


Treating Her Autoimmune Disorder


Amelia also has to treat an autoimmune disorder. "In the wake of my anorexia, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease that screws with your thyroid," she also told Glamour. "My body was reacting to being starved for so long. With Hashimoto's I'm going to have to take two pills every single morning as soon as I wake up, maybe for the rest of my life. Obviously that's not the worst thing in the world, but it's hard knowing I did this to myself."


Feeding Her Body Nutrients

"All of this has made it so important to me to nourish my body. I used to hear all the time, 'Your body is a temple!' but I really didn't care. I didn't care how many nutrients my body was getting," she told Glamour. "Learning about how to nourish my body and how to fuel my body with the foods that make my body happy and energized makes me feel good. Despite all the bullshit and the hard parts of recovery, that's been a really fascinating part of this journey: I've come out of it with such a different passion for health."


Finding Inspiration From Her Mom

"She's the reason I am who I am. I am so lucky that that is the woman that raised me," Amelia told People about how her famous mom has influenced her. "To be exposed at such a young age to unapologetically love yourself with zero shame has just made me who I am today." 


Strength Training

Amelia trains at The Dogpound, a bicoastal gym boasting strength training and HIIT style workouts. There is lots of research backing up the benefits of HIIT workouts, including body fat reduction, improved cardiovascular function, and mental health. It is also time effective. 

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