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Ananya Panday Shares Swimsuit Photo as a "Blue Baby"

Here’s how this actress stays healthy and happy.

Indian actress Ananya Panday is in Ibiza, Spain, soaking up the sun at a luxury resort on the famed Balearic island. Panday, 24, posted pictures detailing the highlights of her trip, wearing a blue off-the-shoulder bikini and sipping on fresh coconut water. "Blue baby 💙," she captioned the update. "Mermaid 😍😍," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Panday stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Yoga First Thing

Panday can't start her day without yoga. "I use a normal face- wash and spray rose water onto my face at least twice or thrice a day," she says. "It energizes me and wakes me up. I swear by doing yoga first thing in the morning. I schedule things only once my workout is done. It brightens up my face and makes the happy hormones flow, which, in turn, gives a pinkish flush to my cheeks."


Balanced Diet With a Cheat Day

Panday follows a healthy diet, with Sundays set as her day for indulgence. "I feel like what you eat shows on your face—your gut health radiates on the outside," she says. "Not just in terms of food but also in terms of positivity and kindness. I eat well and clean six days a week. Then every Sunday, it's burgers galore. In terms of my diet, I'm working more on the immunity side of things. So I'll start my day with an apple, beetroot, carrot juice and incorporate haldi, fruits and vitamin C throughout the rest of the day."


Self-Care Twice a Day


Panday sets aside time in the morning and at night to focus on self-care. "It's my me-time and it's important to give your skin and body that respect and love," she says. "Keeping a check on my diet as well as drinking lots of water, doing some sort of movement every day is important," she said.


Health Over Appearance

Panday focuses on her health and happiness over fad diets and stress. "I am the happiest with my body when it's well-fed, well-rested and well-exercised," she says. "More than trying to hit a target body weight or size, I am looking more for happiness by simply being kind to my body. That's how you attain self-love—when you listen to your body and respect it, because it does so much for you. It's there for you more than anything else in the world."


Turmeric Face Masks

Panday supports her skin health and appearance with plenty of hydration and at-home face masks. "I truly support and use DIY remedies whenever I'm at home. My go-to mask is the turmeric pack," she says. "I feel it's a true old's gold! This DIY recipe is so easy to make and apply and gives me a natural glow in a jiffy! Maintaining my hydration level throughout is something that I'm still trying to cultivate as a habit. I believe that consuming enough water is one of the easiest ways one can help maintain healthy skin. I have this super cute 3L water sipper bottle that I carry with me everywhere so that I can monitor my water intake. Apart from that, I also believe that workouts and majorly sweating help in maintaining a healthy body in totality and give you this surreal bliss!"

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