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Anastasia Ashley In Workout Gear Is "Getting Ready For Snowboarding"

She’s braving the cold with plenty of layers.

Hawaiian surfing champion Anastasia Ashley previously said she is not into the cold—but this time she's making an exception to go snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ashley, 37, shared a video of herself wearing purple leggings and a matching cropped tank top, layering more and more clothes on top of her outfit. "Getting ready for snowboarding means a ton of gear 😝," she captioned the post. Here's what Ashley's many favorite workouts look like.


Her Favorite Workouts

Ashley's favorite workouts aside from surfing are racing and spinning. "I love spinning—I think it is one of the best workouts besides surfing," she told "I try and go to the gym Equinox, they have the best classes. I love driving, even though I'm not the best car driver (haha). I like to go out to the desert and drive dune buggies in the sand dunes. I also like to get my race on at K-1 Racing. It's an indoor kart racing course with gas powered cars."


Healthy Hawaiian/Asian Food

Ashley genuinely enjoys healthy foods, especially fresh produce and Hawaiian/Asian cuisine. "I try to eat really healthy," she told "I'm not really a fan of junk food or anything super processed. I eat Sambazon Acai all the time. It's a great pre-surf meal. One of my favorite places to eat is Captain Mauris in San Clemente. They have really great fresh squeezed juices and salads. I also love Hapa J's as well. They have great Hawaiian/Asian inspired food and a fun atmosphere."


Bikinis, Not Wetsuits

Ashley will always choose a bikini over a wetsuit. "The more fitness I do, the more energy I feel. I love going to group workouts with friends," she told The Purist Online. "I've done my share of Barry's Bootcamp and kickboxing. I also love hiking or biking. The more fitness I do, the more energy I feel. I like to surf in warmer water. When I'm in a wetsuit, I know I'm on the wrong beach.


Twerking Warm Ups

Ashley is infamous for her cheeky twerking warm ups before hitting the surf. "I definitely like to zone out and get excited by making a great playlist and blasting my headphones," she told Guest of a Guest. "I try not to talk to anyone and focus. I like to do jumping jacks, stretches, and get loosened up for the events, and I'm known to get lost and dance a little!"


Role Model For Next Generation

Ashley didn't have many role models growing up—but she wants that to change. "I want to be out there and show you can be a strong, fearless, independent athlete and be a woman," she told Refinery29. "Growing up, it wasn't a cool thing to be a female athlete or a female surfer. It taught me to be strong and do what I love."

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