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Aquaman Star Indya Moore Shares Swimsuit Video "Off the Coast"

Here is her wellness advice.

Indya Moore started their career as a model, working for Dior, Gucci, and appearing in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" video. They began acting in the hit series, Pose, and have appeared in Queen & Slim, Nimona, and in the upcoming Aquaman film. Moore shared a new highlight reel on Instagram this week. In it, they enjoyed a day at the beach and on a boat. Moore captioned the reel, "A peace of thick joy. Somewhere off the coast of the Sahara Desert." How do they stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Indya Moore stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


They Want To Represent The Trans Community

In an interview with W Magazine, Moore talked about wanting to represent the trans community on television. "I definitely want to show other trans people, and also myself, that I can tell stories and that we're capable of telling stories that have nothing to do with exploring what the experiences of trans people are. I think that's what trans people are constantly used for, you know, just telling trans stories. I think Pose is unique in that it's not just a trans story—it's about family, it's about love, it's about friendship and acceptance and really deconstructing humanity, and the ethical side of that, with how we treat people who are different than us."


They Eat Healthy


Moore talked about eating healthy in their W Magazine interview. "When I eat more healthy, I feel more healthy. I'm able to navigate how I feel better and my thoughts, being on that kind of routine. And also, what's really affirming for the way that I see myself and my body, when I look in the mirror, is the way eating right affects how I show up in the mirror. I notice I feel better about the way I look, or what expectations are for me to show up as in society."


They've Stopped Eating Meat


Moore revealed that they've stopped eating animals in their W Magazine interview. "I like to eat as well as I can. I made changes to my diet over time, for me, but also to affirm my empathetic responses to eating animals. I've always felt kind of weird about it, so I was like, Let me listen to myself. And also, I know it's not healthy for me, so I cut that out of my diet."


They Don't Conform To Beauty Standards

Moore tells W Magazine that they don't believe in beauty standards. "I notice that there seem to be recycled presets of how people are supposed to look. They're recycled through mainstream media, magazines, you know, mainstream stuff and the things we're exposed to the most. I think the biggest myth in beauty is that we have to copy something else to be beautiful, that we have to look like something else to be acknowledged or feel good about ourselves. That we have to be the things that we admire in other people. I feel like that's not necessarily true! We deserve to be the things that we grow to admire about ourselves. Beauty is an ongoing journey, it's not something that you emulate."


They Got A Gym Membership

Moore revealed on social media that they got a gym membership. "It's been years since I can remember commiting to a regular & holistic self care routine. Finally got my Gym membership, just when I really needed it. Feeling better already. Feels real good. happy to be here. Thank you to my love for inspiring me, thank you to myself for commiting to me. I'm doing it girl I'm doing it."

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