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Aryna Sabalenka In Workout Gear Shares "Days Off the Court"

She’s always having fun.

Belarusian tennis star Aryna Sabalenka is sharing some highlights from daily life in a recent social media post. Sabalenka, 26, posted pictures of herself in a variety of different workout outfits, including one selfie where she's posing in front of the mirror in black pants and a white sweatshirt. "What my days off the court have been looking like recently 😉🫶," she captioned the post. "Thanks for listening to me," fellow champion Paula Badosa commented. Sabalenka is always looking for the next challenge—here's what her health and wellness routine looks like.


Daily Routine

Sabalenka spends her day working out and practicing her game. "When I wake up around 8.30 (in the morning), I start taking care of my face first," she told Gulf News. "I'm getting older, so I need to take care of my face. I enjoy my breakfast the most; that's the best time of the day for me. Italian and Japanese are my favorites. I go for my tennis practice or do some fitness. Then I will have my lunch and rest. If I have matches in the evening, I will play that or go for another hit, then recovery and dinner."


Volleyball Fun

Sabalenka loves playing volleyball just for fun when she has the time. "Yeah, I enjoy going to the beach to relax," she told Miami Living. "They have a lot of great beaches there, and playing volleyball on the beach – that's my favorite activity!"


Fighting Every Day

Sabalenka is not complacent about what it takes to win and to keep winning. "Honestly, it doesn't really matter if you're No 1 or No 10," she told Gulf News. "You're still there on the court fighting for it. You still have to bring your best tennis on the court. After my career, I can probably say that yeah, I was world No. 1; it just sounds cool."


Setting the Bar High

Sabalenka has big plans for the rest of 2024. "I just wanted to show that I'm able to be consistent, and I'm able to win another one," she told Gulf News. "So compared to last year, it's a completely different me…The first one is always special because I feel like it's more emotional. For the second time, it's just such a relief."


Miami Girl

Sabalenka loves spending time in sunny locations like Miami where she can spend plenty of time outdoors. "The city offers everything you need," she told Miami Living. "You can have fun, relax, work hard, practice, and they have great courts there. It feels like a paradise to me! With palm trees, always sunny weather, and people in good spirits, it's an ideal place to recharge after a tough week on the tour."

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