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Ashy Bines in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Current Workout Routine"

Ashy Bines is showing off her exercise moves.

Ashy Bines is showing off her exercise moves in her two-piece workout gear. In a recent social media post the fitness influencer flaunts her amazing figure – including her washboard abs – in a sports bra and bike shorts while completing a sweat session at the gym. "SHE BURNS 🔥My current workout routine is ( changes around a lot but I love variety )" she writes in the post. What is her routine and how does she eat to maintain her amazing body? Celebwell has all the answers. 


She Avoids Sugar

"Avoid sugar like the plague!" says Ashy. "It is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! In fact, processed sugars are completely empty of any benet to our body. Therefore look for food that is high in the nutrients that your body craves. *Side Note: The body changes sugar into 2 to 5 times more fat in the bloodstream than it does starch," she reveals in one of her eating plans.


She Eats Good – Not Bad – Fats

"Educate yourself as much as you can on good fats versus bad fats," says Ashy. "We need to eat good fats such as avocado, nuts and oily sh to give our bodies access to vital Omega acids and essential vitamins, but need to avoid trans fats that influence all types of health problems. Olive oil is also a great fat when used cold, but steer clear of vegetable oil."


She Balances Carbs, Protein, and Good Fats

Ashy encourages a diet filled with "clean, whole foods," to operate the body at its fat-burning best. "Each one of my meals combines a balanced serve of vital carbohydrates, protein, and good fats. Although I do outline the importance of limiting our carbohydrate intake, it is important to note that I also choose particular carbohydrates to eat. Complex carbohydrates are an important source of energy & we couldn't operate properly without them. They hold vitamins & minerals, and can be found in milk, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, and beans for example. However, if we eat too many carbohydrates, more specifically, if we eat them at times when our body is less likely to convert them to energy (ie. with dinner), this is when they are stored as fat," she says, suggesting you stay clear of simple sugars. "Protein on the other hand plays an important role in all its forms. It is needed by our body to repair, rebuild, replenish and maintain healthy muscles and organs. Every single one of our cells requires protein to operate, and it is particularly important in kick-starting our liver functions and controlling our metabolism." She suggests eating protein in every meal. "Egg whites are full of protein but too much yolk is unnecessary fat you do not need. Two egg yolks are more than enough per day."


She Makes Dinner Her Smallest Meal

"A common misconception" is that "our largest meal should be dinner," Ashy maintains. "This is when our bodies our slowing down and food begins to 'sit' in our bodies, rather than being transformed into the energy it needs. It is an even bigger misconception that skipping breakfast altogether will help us lose weight. When our bodies are most active is when we should be feeding them with the highest amounts of nutrients – ie. before we start the day!I like to look at my eating day like an upside-down pyramid. I start my day with a big breakfast & work gradually into smaller meals by the time dinner arrives."


She Eats Every 2 to 3 Houors

Ashy eats "every 2-3 hours" to keep her metabolism going throughout the day. "If you do not eat, your body will go into starvation mode & will actually STORE FAT!" she says. 


She Doesn't Over Eat

"NEVER OVER-EAT!" order Ashy. "If you are full, STOP! Remember it takes 20 mins for our body to digest the food we just ate. So eat slowly! This way you will recognise when you are full and avoid overeating to the point that you can't move. However, you need to ensure you never get to the point that your body begins to think that you are starving. Because, it is at this point that you are more inclined to overcompensate and binge."


Here Is Her Workout

In her latest post Ashy revealed her current workout routine

  • Walk 4 x a week 
  • 1 x heavier weighted leg / booty session from her app 
  • 1 x at home Pilates class ( from her app) 
  • 1 x Group class at a gym which is weighted legs & booty 
  • 1 x upper body per week – focusing on her posture /back 
  • 1 x dance class – heels or contemporary 
  • 3 weekly yoga sessions
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