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Baywatch Star Alexandra Paul In Workout Gear Is Strong At 60

What she learned from her time on the hit show.

Baywatch star Alexandra Paul is 60 and looks absolutely incredible. The actress is now a health coach, using all the tips and tricks she learned over the decades to help people realize their health and fitness goals. Paul shared a picture of herself wearing purple leggings and a black sweatshirt, posing next to husband Ian Murray. "Over 28 1/2 years together and still having fun being in love. I love you so much Ian," she captioned the sweet post. Here's what Paul's approach to wellness looks like, and what she learned from the set of Baywatch.


She's a Health Coach

Paul  knows what it feels like to be insecure. "I learned a lot about how to stay active and healthy during my years in front of the camera, especially filming Baywatch," she told HuffPost. "For most people, bathing suits expose our biggest insecurities – Do I look OK? Will I be liked? Am I enough? Most of us dread even trying on swimwear in the privacy of the store's changing room. I had to get over all that pretty quickly, since wearing a bathing suit was now a big part of my job. I honed very good habits that helped me stay fit over the course of the 4 years I was on the show, and for the two decades that have followed. And I learned from my fellow castmates, as well."


Cardio and Weights

Paul works out six days a week and uses a treadmill desk for work. "I do cardio 6 days a week, which is usually 1 hour of swimming or the stationary bike," she told Women Fitness. "I do a 45 minute yoga routine every other day, which really helps my chronic lower back pain. I lift light free weights 3 times a week and walk about 4 times a week – on Wednesdays at 5:15 am for two hours with friends, and the other days when I have a slew of phone calls to make. It helps to multitask! I have a treadmill desk, so I also walk when I am doing emails or writing."


Healthy Snacks On Set

Paul says diet is crucial for maintaining weight. "Although I did eat a large chocolate chip muffin as I sat in the makeup chair each morning, I also packed my own healthy snacks to help me avoid craft service (the decadent snack area on every Hollywood set) the rest of the day," she told HuffPost. "And because I went home for dinner, I didn't add extra calories at restaurants. I never went hungry, but I certainly kept a constant eye on what I ate. After my first season, I added light weightlifting a few nights a week to my regimen and you can see on those episodes that my body is leaner and more defined. David Hasselhoff brought a bench and some weights to the set and the guys would sometimes lift at lunch."


Plant-Based Diet

Paul follows a plant-based diet. "I was a vegetarian for 33 years and I have been a vegan for 6 years," she told Women Fitness. "I also have taken all desserts and sweet treats out of my diet, except for granola. Otherwise, the only other sweet things I eat are fruit!"


Good Habits

Paul developed great habits over the years, making fitness second nature. "The regimen I kept during the 12 hour days on the Baywatch set remains largely the same – I get up very early to exercise even when it's hard, knowing that my day goes better when I do," she told HuffPost. "The chocolate chip muffin is gone, replaced by fruit, oatmeal and nut butter. I still bring my own snacks to work, and I advise my clients to do the same. I remind my clients that it takes consistency and mindfulness to get the body you want. Everyone has to work at it, even those actors on Baywatch."

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