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Bebe Rexha in Workout Gear Runs On the Treadmill To Her Own Song

Here are her wellness and lifestyle tips.

Singer Bebe Rexha loves listening to her own music when getting a good workout in. Rexha, 34, shared a fun video of herself wearing a hot pink tank top and black leggings, running on the treadmill with headphones on. "A little morning cardio to our new song "Deep In Your Love" by @alok and Me xoxoxo ❤️‍🔥," she captioned the post. "Gorgeous," a fan commented. Rexha has come a long way on her journey of self-love and appreciation—here's how she lives her best life.


Sleep and Bike Riding

It took the pandemic lockdowns for Rexha to really appreciate slowing down and self-care. "2020 was so weird, but I've taken these times and used them for self-care, both internal and external," she told The Cut. "I've learned to be grateful more than anything! In terms of my self-care routine, I've worked on getting more sleep, drinking more water, bike riding, and online candle shopping. I'm loving some of the new things I've learned about myself and my body."


Constantly Evolving

Rexha loves trying new things with her looks and style. "I've been doing my own makeup a lot and trying different looks," she told POPSUGAR. "I see makeup as a true form of artistry, and I love being able to transform my mood with different colors. I've tried a lot of things — I've been working with graphic liner and did a superpigmented blue eyeshadow look that I shared on my Instagram. Beauty offers a moment of self-care to a lot of us, and it's definitely an outlet for me."


Morning and Bedtime Routines

Rexha morning and evening routines are all about a gentle start and finish to the day. "When I wake up, I squeeze Bear, my dog. Then I brush my teeth, check my phone, make some breakfast, and prepare my coffee. I CANNOT go to sleep with make-up on my face," she told The Cut. "So I definitely do a little face-cleansing routine before going to sleep. Then I'll get into my pjs and have a piece of chocolate before bed. Then I brush my teeth, and I will probably play Scrabble on my phone until I knock out."


PCOS Diagnosis


Rexha was diagnosed with PCOS and says it cleared up a lot of confusion about certain health issues. "I just found out recently I have PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, and a lot of women have it," she told Gayle King on Gayle King In the House. "A lot of women who have it don't know. It causes facial hair, acne around the chin, weight gain—it makes it hard to get pregnant…. A lot of women don't know they have it because it takes a certain type of doctor and certain tests [to be diagnosed with the condition]."


Keep Your Friends Close

Rexha has struggled with body image issues in the past, and wants to protect her mental health moving forward. "It's important who you keep around you… There've been so many times on red carpets where I felt so ugly…because I had all this negativity around me," she told Gayle King on Gayle King In the House. "Now I just don't want that around me anymore. I struggled with the way that I look. It's been tough."

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