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7 Wellness Secrets From Blake Lively

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Blake Lively first made waves in 2007 when she appeared as the lead role in the CW drama series, Gossip Girl. She then starred in the 2011 film, The Green Lantern, where she met future husband, Ryan Reynolds. Lively has also starred in the 2018 film A Simple Favor, and will be starring in the film's upcoming sequel. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Blake Lively stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's Open

Eddie Keogh – The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Lively opened up about her life and career in an interview with Allure. She was asked if there are any beauty treatments she hides from her husband. "No way," Lively answered. "I think if you have anything to hide around the household, that's an issue. You should be able to do whatever you want."


She Calls Out Sexism

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In her Allure interview, Lively called out some sexist standards that she has faced. "I had a man ask me out. While giving a massage! It was awful! He said, I date young women a lot, and I would love to buy you a dress and take you out one night.' It was really inappropriate. Women are looked at as property. You'd never say that to a man: I'll buy you a pair of pants and take you out.' What does that have to do with anything?"


She Does What She Can

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Lively's trainer, Don Saladino, opened up about her approach to fitness to E! News. He says that since she has a busy schedule, she does what she can to workout. "As she'll admit, like, some days her kids might be up all night or something's going on just like a normal mom has to deal with, but I really believe that Blake's success recently is an effort to make time and do the best that she can. Sometimes things could get in her way or sometimes things will pop up and she accepts it and she moves on. That's really it."


She's Consistent


Saladino tells E! News that Lively is extremely consistent when it comes to working out. "She's really trying to show that level of consistency and I think that's what it comes down to," he said. "That's a good line that Blake and I have. If we're gonna come into a session, it's not about going into every session with a Rocky-type mentality."


She Tries To Workout Each Day


Saladino tells E! News that Lively doesn't pressure herself to do intense workouts every day. Instead, she aims to get some physical activity into each day. "Rather than comparing it to your best workout, she's now leaving and saying, 'Great, I moved!' That's the big lesson here. Don't feel like you have to get up off the couch and set this world record workout. Because if that's the goal, no one's ever going to be successful. We're looking for this level of consistency."


She's Confident

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Lively is extremely confident with herself. "I think having children for me made me feel so much more in my skin," Lively told Forbes. "I never felt more myself or at ease in my own body or more confident—not to say that there aren't a bevy of insecurities coming at me a million times a day, but I just feel incredibly settled."


She Wants To Be A Role Model

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Lively tells Forbes that she wants to be an inspiration for her kids. "Family is at the root of everything that I do, and it's also at the root of everything that I create. So, whenever I create something, I create something with family in mind, because that's just how I live. That also goes into the types of films I want to be a part of. I want to be in films, I want to make films, I want to author films that I would be proud for my children to see. Even the gowns I wear—I just want my kids to be proud."

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